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Thread: The Dead Thread

  1. Is the guy that played the judge still alive? Someone better watch out for him!

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  2. He died in 2018 from a stroke during a bout with influenza. He also had heart conditions. He was 65 years old.

  3. Woah. That got me really worried so I checked, and thankfully at least Richard Moll is still alive!

  4. Woah! I thought he had died sometime back. Is he the only one left?

  5. Nope. John Larroquette's also still around.

  6. He needs to have a comeback. He was my favorite part of that show.
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  7. RIP Norm (MacDonald)

  8. Nine years fighting cancer is a long battle. Sucks.

  9. I lost a brother-in-law to cancer earlier this year. He went through about 2 years of Chemo and whatever else he put in his body and the final months were a slow and painful death. Cancer is the worst!

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