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Thread: The Dead Thread

  1. Son of a bitch! I was hoping that he would kick out before the 3 count. Say goodbye to the Bad Guy....

  2. Gilbert Gottfried

  3. Oh damn.
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  4. Bummer.

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  5. RIP Ray (Liotta)

  6. Oh shit.

    I’d thought that he was looking a bit rough lately, but not that rough.

    He died in his sleep. My sister-in-law died in her sleep two years ago. It happened the night before April Fools day. My wife’s family had to tell her that it wasn’t a prank.
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  7. This one really threw me. Ray Liotta is an actor many of us grew up watching. Of course there's Goodfellas, but No Escape is one of my favorite under-the-radar sci-if movies and Ray was great in it. If you haven't seen it, you should. Great supporting cast as well, Lance Henriksen, Ernie Hudson, Kevin Dillon, and Stuart Wilson are in it, plus several other character actors that you'd probably recognize.

    Huge bummer. I mean, the dude was only 67.
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  8. You should check out Identity with John Cusack. Ray nailed the part, as always. The only real letdown was the ending, but it was still worth the watch.

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