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Thread: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Just announced, the latest elder scrolls game. Skyrim is it's subtitle.

    Here's the launch trailer.

    Oh ya, launch date is supposedly 11/11/11

    You know, to go along with the next Call of Duty game.
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  2. in before Skyrimjob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error View Post
    You know, to go along with the next Call of Duty game.
    The next what? Some bullshit that doesn't belong in the same thread as the awesomeness that is Elder Scrolls?

  4. oh i agree. i just remembered that they always release on the 11th of november.

    anyway, i don't care about that franchise. i care about this one. can't wait to see some gameplay. hopefully its not using that fucking engine they've been milking dry.

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    Amen to all of that. It'll be the same engine though, because the fucking long in the tooth consoles are holding everything back now.

  6. id Tech 5 doesn't run on consoles

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    Is that what it's using? Because that would be awesome.

    edit: No, but it is a new engine.

  8. That's what it should use.

    But I'm sure it isn't. Almost.

  9. Hope they hire a few more people to do the voices.

  10. This game will be buggy as shit no matter what engine they use.


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