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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

  1. I've got the upgrade itch.

    There's nearly no reason for me to get an upgrade, other than the i7-4790K rig in the living room is nearly 7 years old and starting to show a little bit of age. I almost hate to move my 9900K there, because it'll be wasted power, until I can put a 120Hz 4K display in there.

    That being said, I am starting the process of upgrading my main rig from the 9900K, the the i9-10850K, which is now selling for $300 at MicroCenter. I'll get 2 additional cores with 4 additional threads with the new CPU, and I don't know when we'll ever see Intel bring another 10 core CPU to the desktop. The new i9-11900K is a joke at $500, with its 8 cores and minimal improvement over the 9900K. So, today, I picked up this open box Asus Z490-E Gaming Wi-Fi motherboard and in the next few weeks I'll be getting the 10850K. I've read that some people struggle to use this board, because of the 1GB ethernet port not being compatible with 100 base-t switch ports.

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Well, I priced the 10850K ($329) with an open box Asus Z4900 Strix E motherboard ($230), which would have put me out about $600. Luckily, I had an backup power supply (Shitty Thermaltake TR2 750) that I could test with, and it turns out that my Corsair AX-860 PSU was failing. I'd never expect that from a Platinum rated Corsair PSU.

    I ended up reserving an EVGA 80+ Gold Rated 850 watt PSU ($170 after tax) from Microcenter, just an hour before they'd closed. I got there with just 20 minutes to spare. I connected everything and it's back to its old GLORY!

    Cool case my man! Tho I have one question. Wtf is that cube looking thing next to the audio cassettes on the left?
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  3. It’s a miniature Rubik’s Cube.

  4. I picked up the 10850K today. Microcenter bumped the price up to $319, from the $300 they were selling it for about 10 days ago. I couldn't believe that someone was purchasing the i7-9700K for $249, unless he already had a Z390 Motherboard and was upgrading his CPU.

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  5. New build coming together.

    I've been fighting the Covid for the last 11 days, and yesterday I finally had enough energy to put together this build using my old i7-4790K case, PSU and 240mm AIO.

    I got the Inland NVME drive from MicroCenter for $209. It's a really good price for a drive that fast. Everything just writes to the drive in near no time at all.

    The new Asus Z490 E Gaming board has Aura lighting. It's not quite as nice as the lighting on my Asus Z390 Maximus Hero XI, but it's still pretty cool.

    Here it is, powered up in the old case. I'm supposed to be able to change the colors of the letters on the GTX 1080 Classified to any color I wish, but EVGA's Precision X1 isn't cooperating.

    It's currently in my old Corsair 750D full tower. I've had this tower ever since I'd built my 2500K rig back around 2011. This case is almost too tall to put on top of my desk, as there would only be about an inch of clearance between the fans on the top, and the overhead shelves of the desk. I was hoping to replace it with this Republic of Gamers case, but it is way too tall to fit on top of the desk.

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  6. Happy to hear you are feeling better! Your wire management is really impressive.

  7. Thanks! It's been a 2 week beatdown.

    Wire management comes down to choosing the right case. It's kind of like a mullet; You have business on the front side, while the cable party is hidden in the back.

  8. It's been about a months since I bought this Corsair iCue i150 360mm rad. I installed it in my desktop rig, to test with the 9900K, before I move the 10850K into it's place soon. I moved the Corsair H110 240mm rad into the living room case, where it's temporarily cooling the 10850K, which gets rather hot with that small of a RAD. It was handling it okay at 5Ghz (mid 70's C under full load), but at 5.2 GHz, that poor little 240mm rad was struggling to keep it under 90.

    I picked up 32GB of DDR4-4000 (open box) from MicroCenter this afternoon. I got it for $147, before tax. That's less than I'd paid for the 32GB (4 sticks) of DDR4-3200 RAM I currently have with the 9900K. I popped it in the 10850K build, set XMP profile to XMP1 and it's running awesome. My Cinebench 20 score raised 200 points with the faster memory.

    Now, I just need to save up a little cash to get a 2nd 2TB NVME drive and this 10850K will be ready to setup as my main rig.
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