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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

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    A 1080 is a huge upgrade from my 1060 6gig. I'll Definitely hit you up when I get my mobo/cpu.

  2. I replaced the EVGA GTX 1080 in my living room PC yesterday afternoon. I was kind of sad to see it go. It's been a great card, and honestly, it's my favorite GPU ever. It went from being in my main PC, connected to a 1440p/144Hz monitor until June of 2020, when I replaced it with an RTX 2080 Super, so I could have DLSS and RT. I moved it to the PC in the living room, paired with my old 4790K setup, connected to the good old 2009 Samsung 1080p television. I replaced the 4790K with an i9-10850K setup last fall, hoping to eventually swap that PC with the i9-9900K PC I have in my office. I kept procrastinating and that PC is now hooked up to 4K 120Hz VRR television, that I got about a month ago, in the living room. The good old reliable was able to handle games like Forza Horizon 5 in 4K, but games like Cyberpunk 2077 had to be dialed down to 1080p for the GPU to keep up. It was then that I'd decided it was time to retire my good old GTX 1080 Classified. We had a good run!

    Here's old faithful, right before I pulled it out of the PC. The LEDs on the card could be changed to any color you could think of, and it could even have a heartbeat.

    The EVGA 1080 Classified was once considered one of the largest sized graphics cards on the market. Now we have this Asus Strix RTX 3060 TI using almost a triple slot of case space. The card is freaking huge!

    Here's the backplates of the 2 cards. They both look pretty sexy!

    I've been an EVGA guy for quite some time. I wasn't even thinking of getting an Asus card, even though the last 4 PCs I've built have had an Asus motherboard. It worked out pretty well. The Asus Strix Z490-E Gaming motherboard had Asus' Armored lighting. It just so happens that the software can synch the lighting of the motherboard with the GPU. I've set it to blue for now and I'm interested in seeing what other color arrangements I can do to the setup. I might have to put a piece of tape over that stupid light inside of my Sound Blaster sound card. The red light is pretty damned bright!

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  3. AMD's upcoming CPUs are very impressive! This whole CPU arms race is getting out of hand though, as PCIe-4 might be the shortest lived, out of all of the PCIe supported platforms.

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  4. Sweet! I need to get your advice later in the year as I plan to build a gaming/sim racing computer.

  5. Are you going to build it yourself?

  6. most likely unless I find something cheap pre-built

  7. I don't know how far away you are from MicroCenter (since you've moved), but you can pick out the parts for your build and pay them around $125 to build it for you. That's better than getting a slightly over-priced PC with cheap parts from Cyber Power and their ilk.

  8. I can build it myself, i will likely just order parts from amazon or other vendors. I heard newegg is now terrible, any truth to that?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    I can build it myself, i will likely just order parts from amazon or other vendors. I heard newegg is now terrible, any truth to that?
    You live 38 miles away from a MicroCenter (They have an open box 3070 Ti for $610) in St. Davids. They are the best, hands down. My last 3 builds were put together with parts I got from them.

    New customers receive a free 250 GB SSD with their 1st order. You can pick all of you parts, reserve them for 48 hours and then pay for them when you arrive, They will never charge (well, they charge a $1 holding fee) your card, if you didn't pick the items up.

    NewEgg is a piece of shit for what they did to a bunch of customers. Their mistake was that they tried to screw over a major Youtube Tech channel and then everything blew up.

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  10. Good idea, tempted to get the open box MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti!


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