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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

  1. My PC (old intel NUC) had a meltdown a while back with a BSOD, corrupt system files, and just all around wacky behaviour. After reinstalling Windows 10 and giving it a good cleaning, it worked normally again.

    Until yesterday. It started doing weird things, and eventually became unresponsive. Now it only has one working RAM slot. The physical connector is fine, and both of my 8GB modules test fine in the one good slot. I can live with half the RAM, but single channel mode comes with a significant performance hit, especially when it comes to the integrated GPU, and I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before something else fails.

    I need to get something new, and I may as well get something that can at least handle 1080p gaming. There doesn't seem to be any tiny PCs that are up to it, and I'd rather not have to deal with tiny high-pitched fans anyway, so it looks like I will end up building something.

    Is AMD the way to go now?

  2. Mostly, but right now you can't find a 5000 series CPU.

    Intel has a really sweet deal on the i5-10400f, which can be paired with a lower class motherboard. But, you can't run higher speed ram with those budget boards.

  3. I was hoping to wait until later this year, but I need a reliable system.
    What I would ideally like to do is get a very good case, power supply, and motherboard, and then go cheap on an APU and RAM.
    I can upgrade the CPU, get more RAM, and get a real GPU whenever I find good deals.

    In the meantime, I'm using my spare 8GB module to test an old fanless i5 embedded system that I had in the closet. The HDMI port doesn't work(which is why I have it - an old employer was throwing it out), but I can use VGA, and with an SSD it's dead quiet. I was saving it for a MAME cabinet, but it'll work fine for browsing the web and watching movies on until I get something new.

  4. That would be the Ryzen 5 3400G, with integrated Radeon 11 graphics. Pair it with something like the Tomahawk B450 motherboard and you've got a good upgrade path.

    But with people over-charging (because of supply) for the Tomahawk, you can settle on an Aorus B450 motherboard for $80.
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  5. Just a heads up. You might want to secure that APU and motherboard, sooner than later. The prices of CPUs and PC parts are starting to skyrocket, because of the recent spike in cryptocurrency mining. People looking for GPUs are already SOL, because miners are buying up all of the stock.

  6. I was looking at B550 mobos just for future proofing, but I think I can put off building something for a little while longer.

    As it turns out, that old fanless PC I was talking about is faster than my NUC, but the OS stopped receiving major updates a few months ago. I still need to see about transferring my Windows 10 Pro license to it. I bought Windows 8 Pro many years ago, and then did the free upgrade, and then linked it to my MS account. I think I can still transfer to a new machine, but Windows licensing is so damned obtuse that I'm not sure.

  7. You can get a W10 Pro Key from CD keys for under $20, but usually MS will let you move it over.

    The 500 series boards are the end of the AM4 platform. AMD will be going to a new chipset when the 6000 series CPUs come out.

    Speaking of NUC, I need to quit dragging my feet on getting my Broadwell NUC up and running. I plan on turning it into an emulation box.
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