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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

  1. Looking to Build a Desktop

    So as the title says I'm looking to build a new desktop computer in the near future and I was hoping for some recommendations on parts to get.

    Right now I'm looking at building the midrange computer listed on this website:

    Though it's a bit over my budget, as I was hoping to keep under 1000 with OS. Any suggestions from anyone, are there any better cheaper parts I should get on that build or should I just bite the bullet and go with it? Also does anyone see any problems with that build?
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  2. if you can, try to get an already-used hard disk because that's going to be far and away the most expensive part of any desktop build right now due to thailand becoming the new atlantis and all the hdd manufacturing plants being there... it was kind of awe inducing to watch hdd prices quadruple literally overnight about 2 or 3 weeks ago with no end in sight

    is the tower for gaming, and if so are you expecting the highest quality for your money? that makes or breaks your budget

  3. Waaaaaaaaat?!

  4. lol.

    All the more reason to go for DAT SSD.

  5. Try using an SSD drive for storage.

  6. Old hard drive + new SSD = yes please

  7. Newegg prices seem fine right now.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    Newegg prices seem fine right now.
    no they don't

    I paid 80 bucks for this drive not 8 months ago

  9. If you're going with the GTX 550 TI, I'd just pay the extra 10 bucks or whatever and get a 1GB GTX 460.


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