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Thread: Completion Thread 2013: Prove the Justice of Our Culture

  1. I bought a DS for the first Layton game and was bored by the end of the first game. Why the hell are they still making them and who is buying them?

  2. Beat Beyond yesterday. Went with Beyond, and saved Cole. Loved the idea of her being around to guard everyone and having Zoe as the new Jodie in the real world to try and save it. Looking forward to playing through the last chapter again to get at least one other ending.
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  3. 17) Ys Chronicles I+ (PC, Hard mode)
    After many, many tries- I finally took down Dark Fact. Hard mode is where he starts getting to be hell.

    Finished in 2021: 6 games (PC: 2, PS4: 2, PS3: 1, X1: 1)

  4. It's been a while since I've updated so there's a few-

    19) Space Sloth- pretty good freeware twin-stick shooter.

    20) Savant: Ascent- Completely worth the $2

    21) Soundodger+ - "Beat" is a relative term, seeing as all you need to do to win is play it and accept that some levels will kick your teeth in, but I saw everything but the bonus rounds.

    22) One Finger Death Punch- Took some perseverance but the game's got a good flow to it. $1 during the Not on Steam sale, and money well spent.

    23) Flashback- Forced myself to finish it tonight. I was 45 minutes from completion and it had been sitting there for weeks. I'm still not sure how they managed to screw up the remake of such a great game.


  5. 29. Picross e2 (3DS)

    It's more Picross, which is why it was wonderful. Really enjoyed the Micross puzzles, thought it was a great idea and implemented well, hoping they have more of those in e3.

  6. 24) Eldritch- random FPS dungeon crawl with Cthulhian monsters. There was much swearing and then I beat it and felt smug. Lots of fun all around.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II: I beat it and got the worst ending, which is okay since it's pretty fucked up and worth seeing. I'm going to replay it to try to get the best ending.
    Replayed, got the good ending this time. It never does explain where the fuck Alex Mason was for 30 years, what the hell?

  8. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Really great game. Probably the best collection of missions in the entire series and a ton of great characters. I'll end up doing a few more things for story related achievements and play online much more as it's a ton of fun.

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    #82 - Gone Home (Steam)

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  10. 18) Maou Renjishi (Mega Drive) 1st credit score was 502430 pts. Used a continue or two near the end. Played on Hard mode.

    AKA Mystical Fighter on Genesis. While it's no Streets of Rage with myriad moves and the graphics won't set the screen ablaze, it's still a seriously underrated beat-em-up. The Kabuki warrior theme may have led to it being overlooked, yet makes this one stand out. The boss design is amazing, with huge, really pissed Japanese demons waiting to snuff you out at the end of a level.

    There are no yells from defeated enemies, and the hit sounds are weak. OTOH the sounds for throw attacks are cool. Piledriving an enemy into the ground results in a big "BONNG!", and there's a swoosh noise for the giant swing. I had no trouble overlooking the general lukewarmness of SFX, thanks to some great BGM. The magic system is similar to Golden Axe 1, with the 5th level spell summoning a destroyer spirit to blitz everything in the area.

    Good thing Dreamworks did not screw with anything for the USA release. Replacing the Kabuki with ninjas would have detracted a bit.

    Finished in 2021: 6 games (PC: 2, PS4: 2, PS3: 1, X1: 1)


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