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Thread: The TNL Abortion Debate Thread: Shit Be Monotonous

  1. The TNL Abortion Debate Thread: Shit Be Monotonous

    To remove the discussion from the gun control debate thread into a more appropriate place where shit can get all real....

    What do you think on the topic?

    I personally am not against abortion but I am only supportive of it if it's done in the very early stages of pregnancy. It's an easier process to do in the first 4-10 weeks so there's no reason to wait to have an abortion later than that in most cases. From my perspective, I think that it is morally wrong to destroy a fetus when it has started to display human brain activity characteristics. It can be a little shaky to come to a conclusion about when exactly that is (and there's a lot of semantics to it as well) so I'm kind of on the fence at certain stages of pregnancy. Anything around 15-20 weeks is really pushing it though and I view it as killing a human being that is almost capable of living outside of the womb. That being said, I have absolutely no problem with somebody deciding to abort a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy nor do I have an issue with using embryos for scientific research and stem cell harvesting.

    While my opinion on my own experience is skewed because my wife's pregnancy was planned; I know that I fell in love with my son the first time I saw his heart beating on the ultrasound monitor around 5-6 weeks. I know at that point he wasn't really a "person" but I was excited to meet the person that that embryo was going to grow into.

    Anyways, say your piece and let the count down begin to where this ends up being a huge shit flinging contest.

  2. I support the 'bort.

  3. I have no problem with abortion.


  4. It's extremely convenient.

  5. My girlfriend and I have a jar of money in the house that says vaca/abor - tion fund. Whichever comes first.

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    It's the easy way out for irresponsible assholes. Women have control of their bodies; I suggest they use it to not get knocked up in the first place. Once they do, assuming it's not a very limited special circumstance, it's time for both the fathers and them to take real responsibility.

  7. And if you can't afford health care, you shouldn't have been poor in the first place. And if you're being discriminated against, you shouldn't have been black in the first place. Refreshing view!

    Our moral arguments over dislodging a lump of cells from a uterus or impeding the implantation thereof are going to seem very silly as we begin to run out of potable water and food for our ballooning population. Pro-life and pro-choice will be as quaint and irrelevant as preferred brands of powder with which to keep one's wig looking capital.

    Good times ahead.
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    Being black or (in some cases) poor is not a choice. Absolutely everything involved in getting pregnant is a choice for both parties involved. Everyone is responsible for every choice they make, including all potential outcomes.

    edit: If your concern is population growth, then we need an illegal immigration thread too.
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  9. Sex rules, babies suck, flush em all.

  10. I think there are some cases where it's the right thing to do, but I do not like it.


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