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Thread: Optimus + Grimlock Statue and Age of Extinction for a Steal - Transformers

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    Thumbs Up Optimus + Grimlock Statue and Age of Extinction for a Steal - Transformers

    Use the TNL portal. Amazon makes Nick's payday.
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  2. It's not a steal. It's $30 because one cares about that horrible shit.
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  3. Yeah, this is a steal. As in, they are stealing your money and giving you crap in return.
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    Shidoshi I think people have the wrong idea about the set. It is not a toy and will increase in value.

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    It's a transformer that doesn't transform.

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    True but that's my point it's a Statue, a display piece. It is a nice set to give to a Transformer fan.

  7. I'm a Grimlock fan, I think I'd get offended if someone tried to give me that.
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    How bout the link to the Ryu Statue, not everyone has the funds to get perfect scale collectibles but I think these are both viable alternatives. You also get Age of Extinction too.


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