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Thread: Old Japanese Cartoons: Whatcha Watchin'?

  1. I watched Video Girl Ai for the first time.
    I had read the comic a long time ago and enjoyed it, but I couldn't really recall it if I had to. I rememember enjoying it and it primarily being about the main character waffling with the two girl characters, and it was just some kind of harem-type show.

    The first episode of this show made it clear that I was watching something tinged with nostalgia. By the end, it became a coming of age story with a heaping helping of wabi-sabi. The main character even learns a little about the difference between love and infatuation. I think Salsashark said Kimagure Orange Road was a perfect nostalgic ode to the 80s time period, and I think Video Girl Ai hit the same feelings for me. The VHS aesthetics really tie in with the impermanent quality of the characters' relationship. I took a quick look through a couple chapters of the comic, and I think the six-episode format helps to distill the source material into a cohesive chunk. We don't get to spend a whole lot of time complicating these characters, and they're gone before I was ready to go.

    I definitely recommend going back to this if you haven't seen it in a while, or ever before.
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  3. Is it me or did MC's best friend/ love rival voice actor change between episode 1 and 2?

    I have adblock enabled but what could that place that Dunlap suggested be doing that it needs to "check your browser" all the time?

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    Mining Monero, probably.

  5. Not if your two extensions are doing their job.

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    Well, they mostly do.

  7. Zillion is getting a US release soon, if'n you wanna finally see what those Master System games were actually about.

  8. Been watching a lot of old mecha anime recently, in some part due to Super Robot Wars T coming out.

    Magic Knight Rayeath (blu-ray)- Aired in primetime so the animation is good. Characters are likeable. Plot is basic. Enjoyable.

    Votoms (blu-ray)- Gets points for cogs-of-war mecha (my favorite type..I really want a front mission anime). Interesting plot. 1983 animation with a not great budget so battle scenes put me to sleep. Enjoyable. Looking forward to the blu-ray ova collections coming out.

    Dancouga (crunchyroll) - Kazuki Yao can't save this one.

    Baldios movie (crunchyroll) - The baldios series truncated into a movie. Moves fast, needless to say. Okay.

    Go-shogun the Time Etranger movie (crunchyroll) - Neat. Kind of like Beautiful Dreamer in that it uses an existing cast as a base to tell a largely standalone surreal tale. I really liked it, even not having bothered to watch any of the go-shogun series beyond the last episode to get some feel for the characters.

    So eighties.

    Oh, I also finally watched all of New Dominion Tank Police (had the first volume on VHS back in the day). The ending is the most insulting shit ever. It's like the director was saying "What? You like this stupid cowboy cop bullshit? The world doesn't work like this! It's stupid! You're stupid!"

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  9. lol I love Dominion. All of it.
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  10. Absolutely, I rewatch it all every couple of years and still have the books. I think it's my favorite thing Shirow ever did.
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