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Thread: Hey Melf, Puerto Rico Finally Gets a Deal We Don't (Gamestop)

  1. Hey Melf, Puerto Rico Finally Gets a Deal We Don't (Gamestop)

    (Stolen from CAG)
    Gamestop is closing down all the Puerto Rico locations. A lot of stuff is 25% off.
    Exclusions are:

    1. Brand New Consoles
    2. Prepaid Cards
    3. Gift Cards
    4. DLC
    5. Digital Games

  2. Yeah, they don't like the idea of paying local taxes, so they're leaving. No more used game deals, but I'm not heartbroken.

  3. #3
    thats such an American thing to do

    no tax breaks? We're shutting down

  4. I read the local taxes recently doubled, so yeah.

  5. PR defaulted on their bond, they are out of cash and will soon confiscate Melf's collection.

  6. US companies can operate in PR and treat it as foreign for tax purposes. The local government kind of got tired of having stores here invest nothing locally and create only part-time jobs, so they started charging a 4% tax a few years ago. These companies basically got it all back through credits from the IRS so they paid essentially nothing. Now, the government increased it so they're whining.

    GS is also leaving Spain and closing stores in the US, so I think this is mostly smoke and mirrors. Fuck 'em.


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