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Thread: What's the best controller you've ever used?

  1. Treasure What's the best controller you've ever used?

    This has been on my mind off and on sometimes but seriously what's the best controller you've ever had the pleasure of using?

    Off the top of my head...

    Genesis 6 Button Pad. It was so much superior to the original 3 button pad.
    Sega Saturn 2nd Model 6 Button Pad which was awesome for fighting games.
    Gamecube Controller. The thing just felt great in my hands and I wasn't cramping up after hours of play.
    Playstation 2 Dual Shock Controller. I have large hands and this thing fit like a glove.

    As far as the worst pads I've used I'd say the N64's controller was fucking terrible. Unless it was Mario 64 of Zelda, it just had no real use. The D-pad was awful as well now that I think about it.
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  2. The Dual-Shock 2 controller feels rather small in my hands, but I've used it enough to deal with it.

    I really like the PS4 controller. It's much larger than the old dual shock and is very comfortable in my hands for long gaming sessions.
    The Xbox 360 pad is the perfect size for my large hands as well. I'm not a big fan of the dpad, but that's why I have an arcade stick.
    I like the Sega Saturn 2nd model 6 button pad. It's one of the best for 2D fighting games. (The NA pad was horrible)
    The Genesis 6 button pad is pretty close in feel to that of the Saturn 2nd model, minus the shoulder buttons. It has a really nice dpad.
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  3. Xbox One Elite controller has been my favorite controller in a LONG time.
    Previously, the Saturn analogue pad. It fit my hands perfectly.

  4. For me it's the Saturn pad for fighters, Xbox One Elite for shooters and the DS4 for an overall general best controller.

    I've never understood why companies who make fight pads don't just go with the Saturn's D-Pad.

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    I would have said Saturn pad for 2d games, but I've been using a Genesis six button pad a bit lately and I think I like it a hair better. The 360 pad is my favorite for 3d games, while the ps4 controller is my favorite general purpose pad, as it's comfortable and can do most types of games well.

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    Depending on the genre, I'd pick a Neo Pad 2 or USB or a model 2 Saturn pad. The analog controllers I don't feel as strongly about. A 360 pad, Dual Shock 4, Wii U Pro Controller, etc. are reasonably interchangeable for me. I haven't used a regular One or Elite.

  7. Yeah I forgot to mention the Wii U pro controller. That thing fits like a glove.

    What about shitty 1st party pads? I've yet to hear a lot of thoughts outside of the ole Sega Genesis Pad.
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  8. What's the best controller you've ever used?

    I really like my modded-up BlazBlue Madcatz stick. It does what I tell it to, I appreciate that. Heavy for a lap stick, I can pretty much beat the hell out of it and it keeps up.

    In the past I was a really big fan of the X-Box "Duke" controller, specifically for Halo. I've got big hands, it was really comfortable for that specific game.

    I liked the first US Saturn pad a lot! Similarly big controller. The Japanese pad was great too, I haven't found any of the USB knockoffs to be even remotely of the same quality.

    Dual Shock 4 is easily the best Sony controller.
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  9. Dual Shock 4. Love it.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    I really like my modded-up BlazBlue Madcatz stick.
    Got a picture of it?
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