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Thread: What's the best controller you've ever used?

  1. When it comes to controllers that came with the consoles, they all have shitty dpads except for the Saturn's Japanese 6 button, which I use for fighters and shooters. The rest of the consoles I use an arcade stick in one form or another.

    I got the Asciiware stick for the original PlayStation and I also used it for the PS2. I really should get a more arcade quality stick for it, but most of my fighting games and shooters from that era were on the Dreamcast and Saturn. I got the regular Street Fighter IV stick for the PS3 and man does it suck. I got the Street Fighter IV TE stick for the Xbox 360, which is 100% better. The only stick I like more than it is the Hori RAP4 sticks I got a couple of years ago. I can use them on the PS3, PS4 and PC. I'm hoping that Sony won't be dicks about supporting that stick on the PS5. That black piece of crap that Sega released for the Saturn, really isn't worth my time. I'd much rather use the Japanese 6 button pad, which is miles better and quite possibly the best dpad on a controller. I use the Agetec arcade stick with the Dreamcast, and I must say, it's probably my 3rd favorite of the bunch. I have a Capcom arcade stick for the SNES, which is better than the SNES controller, but nothing to get too excited about. I did recently acquire a stick called the Arcadian for my Genesis, and I was quite surprised how good it was. It's not Sanwa or Hori, but it uses microswitches for the stick, which is always a plus over some of the cheap garbage out there.

    When it comes to my all around favorite analog console controllers, it's a toss up between the DS4 and the Xbox One controller. I like the way both controllers feel in my hands, and I use 2 of the Xbox One controllers for my 2 PC builds. My only complaint with the Xbox One controller is the vibration feedback. It's pretty lame, compared to Sony's more warble like feedback. So, that puts the DS4 slightly ahead for me and it's currently my favorite, though I have a feeling that the PS5 controller will eventually take that crown.
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  2. Nice line up. I got that classic TE Madcatz stick for my 360 set up. Still feels great all these years later. Didn't mod anything on it. For my PS2/3 I'm using a modded Qanba crystal which I love the way it looks and the led's are sharp and still work after following Jasens custom mod vid. On my PC, I needed a smaller stick so I got a Qanba Drone and modded it with Sanwa parts and put Pittsburgh Penguins sticker on it lol. I like that stick alot. Still have the urge to buy the Qanba Pearl. It's gorgeous!

    If I'm going 6 button pad, I love my Hori Fighting commander. I use it everywhere from my PC, Switch(with adapter) Dreamcast (also with Brooks adapter). I got lots of trash pads as well. The MKX one is microswitch but the buttons sit too low into the pad so its hard to use. I got the various SF4 pads as well as the Street Fighter X Tekken pad ,but they wear out easily. Still have my old reliable Saitek(who madcatz bought)pad for PC and it still works great 15 years plus.

    I can ramble all day on controllers. I got so many weird ones and crap ones. It was real rough from PS1 era through DC. Everything was trash mostly.

  3. Also, check out Scanline city's Youtube channel. This guy is incredible!

  4. That chrome mod is sick!

  5. New Scanline City dropped:

    This man is gold! Those sticks are great!

  6. Those sticks look pretty light, like the PlayStation Asciiware stick.

  7. What is fun is that my exact feelings remain:

    Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    Gamecube controller is the most comfortable controller ever, but it's uses were limited compared to more standard controllers. I'm not sure how that effects it's rank on being the best overall.

    If I could only use one controller for the rest of forever it would be the current Dual Shock.
    Except now I mean the DuelSense which is hands down the most impressive controller I've ever used, when properly taken advantage of anyway.


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