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Thread: HD Retrovision cables currently in stock

  1. I decided to try a few more Saturn games today. Ultimate MK3 didn't look much better, but I think that has to do with the quality of the game's image. Sega Rally 95 looked slightly better, but the cars now have that screen door look for the windows.

    Darius Gaiden looks absolutely stunning with component. These pictures can't do it justice.

    This looks really cool in motion. The colors shift like a giant wave.

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  2. HD Retrovision's Component cables for the Genesis and Saturn are now back in stock. You can pre-order your cables from one of these retailers.

    I just ordered mine from here.

  3. Thanks! Guess it's time to splurge. These aren't cheap.

  4. Yes, but you'll love the image quality. The Genesis always had pretty shitty composite video.

  5. Awesome, I need 1 or 2 more since I got an adaptor for Jaguar (lol) and it works with PCEngine (thru SSDS3).

  6. What's that Jag adapter look like?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    What's that Jag adapter look like?
    Nothing fancy, just a 3d printed thing that plugs into the back for the HDretrovision cable.

  8. I'm okay with S-Video for my Jag. It's not like it gets a ton of use. Cool find though!

  9. This guy on twitter is the one who makes the adaptor, one for SNES and one for the Genesis cable.

  10. I just received my Genesis cables today. I like the sleek new packaging. My last set came in a plastic bag with a card.

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