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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. Yarp, pretty sure
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  2. I just ordered it from Target. I should be getting my code in my email soon. Thanks!

  3. Well shit! I just found out that EA pass with Game Pass Ultimate won't be available until December for PC, even though I've already paid for the service in November.

  4. Gamepass is definitely the long game of a generation of people never truly owning anything. It seems like a sweet deal now but 5 years from now, its gonna really suck, especially because its Microsoft. I'm glad I kept my physical stuff.

  5. I'd never buy Flight Simulator 2020, but with Game Pass, I get to try is out for free. Same with Gears 5.

    Speaking of MS, I have a physical disc of Grand Theft Auto IV, for Games for Windows Live. MS cut that service a while back, but ai was able to use the code to activate the game for Rockstar Social Club. They even included the GOTY content.
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  6. Been taking advantage of PlayStation store sales and stocking up/playing through a shitload of Resident Evil games that I never got around to.

    Started with RE7, which was very, very engrossing and well done, but didn't seem to take full advantage of the scares that could be provided by the switch to first-person. Still a great fledgling effort and I can't want to see how Village turns out.

    Then I played through both Claire and Leon in the RE2 Remake, which was overall great but seemed to be overall less complex/in-depth than the original. Still a lot of fun. Unlocked and beat the 4th Survivor (that was nerve-wracking), but only tried the Tofu Survivor before not giving a shit. I'm not a completest.

    Next up is Resident Evil Revelations. I'm all for any game where I can play as Jill Valentine, but overall it just okay. It was easy, it still had that Hollywood feel I hate, it wasn't scary enough, and the "episodic" format ("last time, on Resident Evil Revelations...") was just cheesy. For some reason the story reminded me of Disaster Report. Still, the gameplay was good and it did have it's moments where it invoked the RE feel of old. Plus, Jill Valentine, man.

    Next up are Resident Evil Revelations 2 and the RE3 remake (I cheesed out and bought the unlock for Jill's STARS uniform for my first playthough), neither of which I've played before, followed by the HD REmake, which I HAVE played before. But that was on a Wii emulator and it'll be nice to actually experience the game this time without a random audio glitch that goes BBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP in my fucking ear every 10 minutes or so. Waiting for that shit to happen was way scarier than anything that actually happened in the game itself.

    After that RE0 and RE4 are last on the list. Never played 0, but I originally played 4 on the PS2, so obviously it's time for a replay of that classic.

    I also started the Ancient Gods DLC for Doom Eternal, but quickly found myself becoming ass-raped by the difficulty and decided to take a break. I'll get back to it soon.
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  7. RE7 VR still isn't available on PC, correct?
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  8. I just looked for your lazy ass and I don't see a VR version on Steam. So, I guess not.

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    Gymkata: I mean look at da lil playah woblin his way into our hearts in the sig awwwwwww

  9. I played a bit of RE7 on PSVR, it is some scary freaky shit.

    I put Jedi Fallen Order aside since I started playing Demon's Souls Remake. I had never gotten too far on PS3, but the 60fps and modern graphical update on PS5 really made me want to die over and over again. I was able to kill 2 bosses back to back without dying, so I feel like I am getting better. World 3 though sucks ass, I can't stand that whole level.

  10. Gone off the anime deep end this Black Friday.

    I got 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Granblue Fantasy:Versus. Both are delightful!

    13 Sentinels is super relaxing after a stressful day. Just chilling out, listening to that Sakimoto score, and laying down story after story is nice.

    Granblue is some classic ArcSys shit. Just getting through the tutorials, Arcade, and RPG Mode before I hit online.

    And I'm hoping to finally finish Nocturne sometime this week. I love these 100+ hour Megaten RPGs but they kill me sometimes.
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