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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. Tengen or Nintendo?
    As a kid I used to have a 76in1 cart with the Tengen Tetris and I played the hell out of it.

  2. Nintendo

    I bet that Tengen version is pretty expensive.

  3. It is funny that when I was a kid, I thought Lifeforce was super easy and pretty much finished it the day I got it. I can barely get to stage 3 now.

    I also finished Contra in the first week and returned the game (back when you can returned opened games). I never knew about the 30 lives code.

    Tengen Tetris isn't too expensive loose. I have a CIB but the box was rental and beat to hell.

  4. My Nintendo Tetris is CIB and like new.

    When I only kept a dozen or so titles at a time for a console (did a lot of trading in at Funcoland) I would grind through a game like Life Force. It’s a lot of memorization, over plain skills. Those growing walls are a pain in the ass. I’d really have to commit to it, to beat it. Free time isn’t what it used to be when I was in my early 20s. I could just fly through Super C without dying, because I’d played it so much.
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  5. Horizon Zero Dawn - early stages, not sure how I feel about it yet.

  6. Still going through my Resident Evil PS4 COVID-19 freakdown. So far I've played:

    Resident Evil 7 (incredible and very immersive, although it could have been scarier)

    Resident Evil 2 remake (perfect, beat both scenarios plus the 4th Survivor, fuck Tofu Survivor)

    Resident Evil Revelations 1 (solid, and bonus points for playable Jill Valentine, who is the greatest female video game character ever)

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 (an improvement in every way over the original)

    Resident Evil 3 remake (absolutely fantastic, except for the criminally short length)

    REMake (perfect)

    All were really good and enjoyable gameplay experiences, with the only complaint leveled against the Resident Evil 3 remake for not being a little longer than it is (although what I did play was pretty fucking good).

    However, I'm currently playing through Resident Evil 0, and it's beginning to become a bit of a slog. It's a solid game and all, and it's something that I'll play through to the end, but it's just not grabbing me like all of the other games listed above so far. I have difficulty explaining why...maybe because once it left the train, it simply felt a great deal like REMake 2.0? Maybe it's it's because no one on Earth gives a shit about Rebecca Chambers? I guess we'll see how it turns out.
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  7. The part where you go on roof of the train looks incredible for a Gamecube game.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    The part where you go on roof of the train looks incredible for a Gamecube game.
    Hell yes. That's exactly the visual I summon whenever somebody mentions RE0. It was impressive as hell when I messed around with the Wii version on the Dolphin emulator and it's just as impressive now.

    I understand the the train locale limits what you can do gameplay-wise, but I would have loved if they had spent more time on the train than they did. Once you get to the mansion the game starts becoming decisively 'eh.'

    After I eventually beat RE0, up next is RE5, RE6, and then finally a new playthrough of RE4. I hope to have all of this finished by the time Village comes out.
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  9. It has the b-team of RE enemies. I think it had a giant mutant... frog, I think? Something less menacing than a spider, or a snake, or a crocodile anyhow. Where it really excels is in how it handles the two character thing and inventory.
    There's none of the surprise character changes that Code Veronica had. Nothing like loading up your best weapons and health items for the looming boss fight, only to have the game switch you to the other character and being fucked.

  10. I'm not overjoyed with the "two characters sharing inventory" thing. The item box in older Resident Evil games wasn't ideal, but it was a better solution than this.

    And yeah, some of the monster choices are just dumb. I can't explain why a giant spider is scarier than a giant scorpion or a giant centipede, but there you go. The main villain being an opera-singing sissy doesn't help either.

    Ammo in RE0 seems to be a bit scarcer than the other titles as well. I just started encountering the zombie monkeys and those little motherfuckers are pissing me off, especially considering the fact that ammo is hard to come by. I'd love to stomp on the developer's balls.

    As far as Code Veronica goes, I messed around with the PS2 version a little bit back on the day but never got that far. The PlayStation Store has it, so I assume at some point I'll play through that one as well. I'd like to screw around with the Umbrella Chronicles a little bit as well.
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