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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. The editor is jacked up right now. I meant to say Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

  2. Oh, honestly I got bored of Force unleashed by the Wookie level, which was pretty early I think? Didn't click for me, probably just to dated by the time I played it.

  3. Yeah, I’m sure it is. I’ve been sitting on a copy of The Force Unleashed 2 (PC) for quit a long time. I should probably give it a try sometime soon.

  4. Damn, I managed to misspell "quite". I'm not fixing it.

    I've had a SD2SNES for a little over a year now, and it came with just about every SNES ROM available, including fan translated games. Well, today, I was checking out the D section and noticed that they had the translated version of Dragon Quest 1&2 for the SNES. It's been a long time since I've played the NES cart, or the GB Color Carts, so I thought it would be cool to experience the 16-bit version of the games.

    I decided to dust off the old GB Color guide for these games, and I'd noticed something odd. The names to some of the towns and caves were changed from the original NES game, in North America. I happened to have a map from Nintendo Power, that they put out when they gave away a free copy of Dragon Warrior, with a sub to the magazine. Erderick's Cave became Loti Cave on the GB Color, and the name appears to have been a different name for the Japanese game. Odd?

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  5. Tried out Splitgate. Itís pretty cool for a free game. Iím playing it on Series X and it definitely scratches that Halo itch. In fact, itís so Halo like, Iím surprised Microsoft let it release. Sounds, gun looks, the way it plays, Iíd believe it was Infinite if someone told me. Even the play lists are the same. Ones labeled Team Swat and had the exact same parameters as Halos.
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  6. Been playing Battle Chasers (PS4) - it's nothing remarkable but definitely "feels" like a throwback strategy/turn based RPG of yesteryear.


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