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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. I picked up CoD Vanguard a couple of weeks ago and holy shit @ this piece of shit. The campaigns aren't on the disc and are a 60+ GB download that took hours and hours. I have limited time so I had to split the two downloads between two days and then you can't play online OR offline if you don't update every time there's an update. I love that it's set in WWII again but holy fuck I'll never buy another CoD if these are the hoops you have to jump through even if you buy a physical copy. Screw that.

  2. Wow, that is pathetic. I typically wait for CODs to drop to $10 and play through the campaign, but not this one.

  3. Finally just started playing the PS4 Spiderman game. Really impressive when you consider the scale and detail of everything. Plus it's a lot of fun so far.

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  4. Days Gone (PS4)

    I got the game for something like $5, at a local Walmart about a year ago. It's a shame that the game ended up in the bargain bin, because the combat really feels like you're playing The Last of US, without a very meaningful story. You have to manage supplies and ammo to make it through areas, and you have to put together a solid strategy to survive the onslaught of undead creatures, when they start pursuing you.

    I put in about a 5 hour gaming session today (from about 4pm to 9pm), when I got to a mission, where I have to get medical supplies for Boozer. It kind of sucked, because I took out a camp of outlaws, wasting a lot of ammo and meds. I rode up to the marker within the camp, when all of the sudden I'm being asked to advance to where the medical supplies are being held by the freakers. I wasn't able to go back to search the camp I'd just laid waste to, as the game told me I was outside of the mission area. I had one sniper rifle bullet, one Molotov Cocktail and 2 bandages. It would have been just fine, but there's some bullet sponge of a dude that has some crazy ass automatic machine gun that just keeps ripping bullets at me, even though I'd shot him in the head and set him ablaze. I had to turn the game off in frustration, with hopes that I can reload the game at the point before I'd taken on the bandits.

    Oh, and I had originally planned on playing this on the PS5, because the Jaguar CPU in the PS4 is pure garbage. Needless to say, I still never managed to get a PS5 and there are times where this game absolutely tanks, because of the CPU.
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  5. Yurukill

    This is a weird one. It's co-developed by G.rev and combines Shmup and puzzle-adventure (some people call it a visual novel because they call every Japanese adventure game a visual novel, but it's not a VN). The two halves work together but I wouldn't say they complement each other exactly. It is exactly the sum of its parts and its parts are pretty good.

    Purist shmup/G.rev fans will be happy to know that there is a mode that allows you to play in pure shmup mode, with all the other elements stripped out, and this mode even has online score tables. But it also has to be unlocked by progressing through the normal game so if you hate puzzles and dialog and just want the new G.rev shootbang, you're probably gonna be frustrated.

  6. I haven't heard of Yurukill, will def check it out

  7. I've been playing Far Cry 6 for months. The game is ludicrously large.

  8. They all are, but I really had a hard time getting into FC6. I think I'm just getting burned out on the franchise.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    They all are, but I really had a hard time getting into FC6. I think I'm just getting burned out on the franchise.
    Yeah, I agree. I'm at the point where I'm constantly debating if I should keep going or call it a day.

  10. I am playing Sifu on PS5, and it is absolutely stunning. The game is very difficult and punishing, but fair. It reminds me of the combat from those Batman Arkham games, but more technical and demanding. In fact, it feels almost like a rhythm game once you get good and you just subconsciously react to what is happening on screen. Sure, the game is "short" with only 5 levels, but you will be replaying them over and over to get better and try to finish each with as few deaths as possible (since every time you die, your age increases and when you hit 70, you are dead and have to start over at the beginning of any stage of your choice). The game just feels so good, the animation is incredible and you are constantly assessing the environment and enemy to gain upperhand. You can throw bottles, use weapons, and throw enemies over railings for instant kills. I am on stage 4 now but will need to get better on stage 2/3 (I was able to do a no-death run on stage 1). Simply sublime.
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