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Thread: 2018 MLB

  1. 2018 MLB

    How is this not been made yet?!

    Just like last year my Brewers are starting hot. Its tough to be that excited because they like to choke in the second half. But this year feels different. The bullpen has been stellar and with Yelich and Cain added the offense I dont think a month long choke is going to happen. Now if they can not blow when they play the Cubs. 1-7 against them so far.
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  2. I like baseball!

    We used to have some really good threads. Seems like thats dried up quite a bit 😟

  3. My Rangers suck. What else can I say?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    How is this not been made yet?!
    I've been reading a lot of "baseball has a problem" articles from various sources which all speculate about what could be wrong. I don't know what it is but something is wrong for sure. Watching games sucks, even live games. Turnout is lower (depending on who you ask). Players are upset. Our lack of a thread until now seems to reflect that.

    I straight up don't care. Didn't go to a game for Father's Day.

  5. I’m enjoying the season so far. Brewers have been watchable. Juicing again. The problem is the AL having 3 dominating teams and everyone else playing small ball. People have shit attention spans and that won’t gain new viewers.

    They should all start juicing again. Casuals like home runs.
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  6. I think a big problem is the shift and the amount of offense it kills. I am not in love with home runs all the time, I don't need games to be 10-9 all the time. But I do think that the shift has made the game unwatchable. I get why opposing teams do it, it saves runs. But it also sucks the life out of the game. I feel that the rules of the game need to be enforced or clarified to signify that you need to stay within a certain distance of your position, on the correct side of the diamond, at least until the ball is in play. Overloading the diamond at one end or another just perverts the game. I know the common suggestion is to just bunt to get around it, or to learn how to hit better, but i don't give a shit about those arguments. They are justifying a behavior that is killing the game. There is such a thing as illegal defense in Basketball, there should be in Baseball as well.

    Also not really a fan of teams loading up on absurd power arms and only letting teams face the starter twice through the batting order but that's a risk the manager takes and really only happens in the playoffs. I think that could be solved by not giving teams so much time off in between games of the playoffs.

    Another issue is what Mog brought up regarding the amount of teams in the AL that can legitimately contend every year. I won't lie I'm a fan of salary caps, they hinder teams that benefit solely from being in huge markets from spending huge amounts of money to make mistakes disappear. So I would like a salary cap. But I would also like a balanced schedule. The AL central has 4 shit teams and 1 team that gets to play each of those 19 times. Teams in the AL East have to play the Red Sox and the Yankees 19 times each. It took the Jays 20 years or so to get back to the playoffs after 1993. A lot of that is bad management, Canadian Dollar issues, etc, but a big chunk of that can be attributed to being fed into that meat grinder every year. And if things are close, the Yankees say hey, lets go add Manny Machado. And if they don't the Red Sox do. Because they can spend the money without significant penalty and it's worth it to them to do it. The Jays had to wait for a chance when the Red Sox and Yankees were in down cycles, and thank god they fucking pounced when they did, I got a year and a half of feeling like my team was relevant for the first time in decades. So I'm not annoyed that the Yankees and Red Sox are leading the division right now, I knew when the Jays picked up those contracts there was going to be pain, and this is the pain. But the lack of salary cap means the Yankees were able to immediately turn their team around after missing the playoffs for a year. 1 fucking year. So now unless a salary cap gets introduced I will have to wait for another decade or so while this batch of Yankees and Red Sox go on their runs of playoff appearances etc.

    Lastly, and this might sound strange, I don't the general public is in the mood to be going to see baseball games. Shit is going to hell. Fuck it stay home and watch on tv rather then go spend a hundred bucks on two tickets and such.

  7. When I was attending Rangers games, wed spent half the time getting beer, food and hitting the rest room. Wed only see about half of the game.

    Its really too hot in Texas, to go see a game on a weekend afternoon, and even on Friday night, its still over 90 degrees past 9 pm.

  8. Brewers mid season slide incoming....

    Just lost a series to the Marlins and looked like chumps to the Pirates tonight.

  9. My Rangers have had an abysmal season, but they somehow pulled off the sweep of the Astros this weekend. The Rangers are the only team to sweep the Astros in a series this season.

  10. Im amazed to see the Brewers actually get decent help before the deadline. Though pitching help would make more sense...


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