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Thread: 2019 NFL

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    Who fucking knows. Did anyone see the Titans handling the Ravens like that? I’m just thankful my guys made it to the NFC Championship and knocked out the Seahawks again.
    Oh, I believe Andy Reid and company will find a way to stop Henry. They'll make Tannehill have to throw the ball more often then he'll like. That Titan's defense though, they have Vrabel's attitude rubbed all over it.

  2. Iím not sure forcing him to throw will work well w such a power defence. And its their running game that seems to make yards. Tannehill can run and Henry can run as a full or steamroll as a half back. Playoffs this year are entertaining to watch unfold. I still think KC is the offence to beat.
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  3. So, Jason Garrett is now the offensive coordinator for the NY Giants. Everything comes full circle.

  4. There's also whispers that Witten might follow him.

    If Judge does for the Gaints what he did for NE Special teams and if Garrett can do for their offense what he did for the Cowboys without fucking up the rest of the team and if Witten goes and teaches up their TE's? Well fuck me, the Giants are gonna be good next year.

  5. Mahomes and company are lighting it up. Could we have the State Farm QBs battling it out in the Super Bowl?
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  6. Nope. Niners Defense going to smash Green Bay. It was a good run though. I had them pegged at 8-8 or 9-7 at best.

    Media going to talk up the Super Bowl matchup but goddamn those Chiefs spanking anyone they play.
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  7. I still find the Chiefs defense suspect, they allowed a lot of long drives to start today's game, but that offense does all the right things.

  8. They stopped Henry for 3/4 of the game. It's a much better defense than they had last season.

  9. No question better, but they were 17th in the league in total defense this year which is mathematically tied with 16th place for the most average you can be out of 32 total teams.

    Their defense isn't gonna win them the Superbowl is all I'm saying, it just needs to not lose it for them.

  10. They've showed enough in the playoffs. They got ripped by Houston in the 1st quarter, then shut them down. They got ripped by the Titans in the 1st quarter, then pretty much shut them down, until garbage time in the 4th. I'm pretty sure a defense can get a little lax, when they have an offense that can score at will.

    The Packers are slackers!


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