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Thread: 2019 NFL

  1. That would be half of Mexico.

    Janet Jackson exposes a saggy tit and the world goes apeshit. This year we get crotch shots of Shakira while she’s grinding her snatch to the camera and J-Lo spinning on a stripper pole.

    Dayum, Shakira is 43 years old! She doesn’t look a day over 28.
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  2. Yes, the strides taken to assert women are not objects and to combat male gaze did not go unnoticed.

  3. and Shakira is from Columbia you racist

  4. It’s a joke. Should I have said half of Latin America?

    She’s been in a relationship with a futbal player for 10 years.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    No question better, but they were 17th in the league in total defense this year which is mathematically tied with 16th place for the most average you can be out of 32 total teams.

    Their defense isn't gonna win them the Superbowl is all I'm saying, it just needs to not lose it for them.
    Chiefs defense doing Cheifs defense things.

    This is what happens when you begin an mediocre defense to the Superbowl.

  6. That pick might be the nail in the coffin if the Chiefs D can't force their first punt of the game.

  7. Oh shit, Chiefs force a 3 and out and a second punt!

  8. this is an exciting last quarter

  9. Game!

    Holy shit this 4th quarter performance by the Chiefs.

  10. Game, set, match!


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