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Thread: 2019 NFL

  1. Doesn't matter. Still dem boyz!

  2. There were way too many flags against both teams. It really is making me want to turn off the television and find out the score later.

    The defense sucked (how many times did the Jets pull a TE across the line to make a key block for he RB?), and the patched together offensive line isn't holding up. This team isn't built to play from behind.
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  3. They mentioned during the broadcast that the rule change for onside kicks has resulted in only 4 out of 66 being recovered by the kicking team since it went into effect. I also saw yesterday that the overwhelming majority of PI challenges have been lost. Don't know if that's good or not, though.

  4. The challenge flag for PI is pretty much a waste of time. I've yet to see a referee make a ruling in favor of the team that challenges that. The refs are trying to save face on that call.

  5. They put that rule in just so that blatant missed PI call won't happen again in the playoffs. Regular season is pointless.

  6. It’s crazy. Brett Maher will miss a chip shot, yet the guy is clutch at over 55 yards.

  7. Michael Bennet was traded to the Cowboys for a 2021 7th round draft pick.

  8. The Pats defense finally faced a legit team. How the hell does the Super Bowl winning Pats get such a soft schedule?

  9. Don't know, but I'm not worried. No one adjusts like Belichick, and I'm sure he's already making changes. Ravens can have their SB now. Pats will still go deep in the playoffs.

  10. My Cowboys will be meeting your Pats on the 24th. It'll be an interesting matchup.


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