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Thread: Fry's Electronics is dying.

  1. Rhydant and I worked at Frys for a long time.

    They had terrible buyers, who did really shady and stupid shit and they've had a long history of not paying suppliers and vendors and being out of stock on essentials for a long time. That spiraled and spiraled over time and every location has had massive drops in total inventory both in terms of quality and quantity.

    I am surprised every year that passes and they haven't folded.

  2. Yeah, really it's amazing they lasted as long as they did. The one near me did pretty good business for a while after it opened, but it was always clear that they were terribly positioned if business slipped. Their square footage was way higher than it had any right being even when they were well-stocked. And filling that space with tons of marble decor immediately communicated that someone at corporate really, *really* loved making unnecessary money sinks.

    Still, it's sad. The one here opened literally 2 blocks from my job at the time, and now they're right near my storage place, so I've popped in pretty consistently the whole time that location's been going. When they first opened here around the tail end of the PS2 era, their selection of movies, music, and games absolutely blew away any other physical stores. I even bought a few PSP imports there. They slipped a lot in the past few years, but they started so far beyond other stores that it still took a loooong slide until they weren't the best physical store to browse and find all kinds of semi-obscure media in stock. And even with the slip in media, up until recently they still at least filled those shelves with tangentially interesting tchotchkes and whatnot. Not everyone's cup of tea, but clearly someone was making some sort of effort to fill the space, and I almost always found some cool random crap to walk out with.

    I last went in a month ago and yeah, shit was super dire. It was a really weird feeling to walk around knowing it's probably the last time I'll see it, after a decade+ of fairly frequent stops in.

  3. That's too bad, I once scored a $29.99 BluRay player from Fry's! Sure, I had to drive out 45+ miles to a neighboring suburb to find it, but it was a fun, what-the-hell trip...

    They had a nice selection of stuff, but I can find most of it at my Chicago MicroCenter which is the best computer/electronics store in history as far as I'm concerned (founded by 2 ex RadioShack employees hence the influence of stocking similar components for DIY electronic work/fixes/projects). I bought my first home Windows 95 PC there in 1996 (the Compaq Presario 4770), I wanted it to learn "C" programming at home when I started my CS major. I've spent way too much money there, in the thousands, but usually pretty happy with what I buy there and I love their open box discount policy to score deals without sales.

    Well, I hope MicroCenter isn't next on the hit list post RadioShack/Fry's/Kmart - I love shopping on eBay too but I still love the brick'n'mortar option on occasion...
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  4. Yeah, I do most of my PC part buying from MicroCenter. I just finished a 9900k build from there a couple of weeks ago. I got my RAM for only $55 with an open box deal, and my motherboard was open box too. They are always busy.

  5. My last pc was predominantly from micro center parts. There is a location that is convenient to me that Iíll go to today for various parts. I do like that store, still.
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  6. So I went by my usual Fry's shortly before Xmas and found it shuttered.

    The weird bit was that I had only been by a few weeks prior and found they actually had been getting more stock and were even decked out for the holidays, there was no 'going out of business' sales or signage or anything, so it looks like they just up and closed one day, no formal warning. They have another store in the state still open that I'm sure they're dumping everything off onto, but I'm certain all the costs involved with making XX extra trips to load up and haul all that remaining inventory across town were far greater than whatever losses they would have taken on just clearancing stuff out and minimizing what needed to move. Especially since it's painfully obvious the whole chain's gonna be clearancing everything out soon anyway.
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  7. I've been thinking about driving by my Plano Texas location. They had several PS4 titles I'm interested in, selling for $10.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I've been thinking about driving by my Plano Texas location. They had several PS4 titles I'm interested in, selling for $10.
    Man you travel a ton. lol
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    Man you travel a ton. lol
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  10. Keep on truckin'.


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