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Thread: Fry's Electronics is dying.

  1. Fry's Electronics is dying.

    This is pretty depressing for me. The Razor Black Widow keyboard that I'm typing this post with was bought from Fry's, along with the mouse. I've bought a lot of video games, controllers and Retro Gamer Magazines from this chain in DFW. When I'd visited a Fry's in late summer, I was quite shocked by how many shelves were empty, while everything seemed fine during the early part of summer. It appears that a lot of products were shipped back, or removed by suppliers, because Fry's wasn't paying them. This DFW guy paints a pretty good picture of how the shopping experience is now.

  2. To be fair I've never even have been inside a Fry's before. I kinda wish I had visited one back in the day but yeah.
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  3. Do they have one in San Antonio?

    I rarely go to Best Buy, because Fry’s is a much better store, with better prices.

  4. I want to say there isn't even one here. I never cared nor bothered to look. lol
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  5. I have never been but heard cool things about them. Too bad big retail chains are going out of style.

  6. I still remember when the big chain stores were the boogeyman ruining Main Street America.

  7. Can't wait for the debut of replicators to send people into tears over the death of Amazon.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    I still remember when the big chain stores were the boogeyman ruining Main Street America.

  9. I went in one about a year ago and it was very disorganized with a bunch of deadstock kicking around.
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    Oh the death of a store is so sad you losers.


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