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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. They’re all stacked in scalpers’ homes. I’m hoping that the scalpers will stop, once January rolls around and they’re still sitting on unsold hardware.
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  2. Maybe they are counting re-sales from scalpers

  3. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    Amazing it can dethrone anything when nobody can get one. Hrm.
    Tell me about it. I'm happy I have a PS5 but it's fucking awful how this shit storm has been going for almost a fucking year. I mean really as much shit as I give Nintendo, they at least buttfucked scalpers with the NES and SNES classic systems so much that stores were flooded with the damn things for months. So many scalpers ended up taking huge losses when I myself would easily walk into a Best Buy and see stacks of those fucking systems.

    Get rid of online retail and force people to show up to stores. It'll literally curb scalping by a huge margin.
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  4. It's frustrating. I look every day @ Amazon, Target, Wal Mart and have literally never seen one for sale (besides the one time I ordered it and never got it).

    Like I said, I'm good for it if anyone runs across one at retail. I'd really appreciate it.


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