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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Sony's recent bullshit involving GT7 and the PS3 classics "expiring" has pushed me firmly into Xbox and PC this gen.
    If I didn't have an extensive PS4 library I'd go back to Xbox in a second. Or maybe Switch. As it is, I don't see the sense in doing it - other than the fact that I can't get a fucking PS5 unless it's through an aftermarket gouger.

  2. Give it time. I have no doubt that by mid-summer, you'll be able to walk into a store and purchase the PS5. I could have reserved one for pickup at my local Target, had I not blown $650 on a graphics card for my living room PC.

  3. I caved and bought from a reseller.

    So what should I be playing?

    ^ See what I did there?

  4. I've heard great things about Returnal. Ratchet and Clank for that current generation graphical flex.

  5. I’ve heard many a praise for Elden Ring.

  6. I just got one sent to me from the official Playstation store waiting list.. hopped in the queue a few days ago during the event.. waited 12 minutes.. my time came up and I entered the online store. They only had bundled consoles left.. so I got the PS5 with the drive and the new horizon game bundled in. Also picked up the headphones, an extra dual shock (black) and the controller charging station. They were out of the black shell covers for the console so I ordered off-brand from Amazon. I hate how the ps5 looks but turning it all black can only help. Now I just have to find a place for this monstrosity.. ot won't fit where I had my ps4.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  7. Returnal is great, but very hard. Demon's soul is excellent, as is Elden Ring. Don't sleep on Kena either, that little game is lovely. Another game I like that no one talks about is Riders Republic, if you like SSX, it is like a modern version of it (except way better).

  8. I'd definitely pick this one up when I get a PS5. I completed TLOU on the PS3 and PS4 and would enjoy it just as much for the PS5.

  9. I dunno... $70 bucks is steep to me to play it again.

  10. I am good with not playing LOU1 again. I like the game but not sure why we need a remake so soon (after the PS4 remaster). The fidelity is much higher but I am not sure I prefer the art direction from the original.


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