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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. I played Astro's Playroom for about an hour tonight. The controller's feedback is pretty cool, but the tech guy in me knows what kind motor they're using to make that effect. It's still well done and the use of the speaker, along with the feedback did well in making it feel like I was being pulled in with the wind. This is a fun little game. It feels sort of like Super Mario Sunshine, which I actually loved playing as well.

    This has to be the 1st time that I've seen a console calibrate its sound and picture capabilities. It was neat to see.

  2. Get far enough in Demons Souls and help me in 4-2 . Those stingray things are annoying and those damn ghosts with the laser beams are really fucking my shit up.
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  3. Finished Demons Souls. Still a great game. Much easier after playing all the other Souls games over the years. Game looked phenomenal most of the time, except the swamps, fuck that level. Imagine if Elden Ring actually looked this good.
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  4. I’ll try to get into it during the holidays. I’m off for @10 days, starting on Friday.

    I picked up Horizon: Forbidden West from Target, today, for $40. Target has a bunch of games and accessories on sale, with the special color PS5 controllers selling for $50, Far Cry 6 for $15, LOU remaster for $50, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves for $40 and a bunch of other titles for under $30.

  5. I saw this yesterday afternoon at the Walmart in Murphy, Texas.

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  6. The future is now.

    I put a request in for a PS5 reserve on Amazon before I decided to build a new computer, plan was to put one downstairs too if I could get one. I didn't end up buying it, because of building a $4k computer instead, but I DID get the email invite to buy it. So they're more available than ever before, which is great.

  7. I seen a couple PS5s and a SX at Target last week. Only took 2 years for stock to show up on the shelf.
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  8. This is really good price for a 2TB NVME drive that will work in the PS5. MicroCenter has it selling for $185. I'm thinking about picking one up in the next week or 2.
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  9. Using NVME as upgraded storage is such a damn game changer, this is the generation we're going to look back on as a turning point. One day when you can get 100TB NVME 6.0 for like $100 we'll never worry about storage again for video games, similar to how you basically don't worry about music storage anymore and certainly don't worry about word document storage at all.

  10. Best Buy has Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves on sale for $20. I was installing one of the games on my PS5 and wanted to see about ungrading to the PS5 edition. It was $10 for each, so I decided to look up how much a physical copy would be.


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