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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

  1. Anybody check out PSVR2 yet?

  2. Evilmog posted in the haul thread that he just picked one up, along with a PS5. I’ve heard that GT7 is awesome with it.

  3. Nice. Checked it out briefly. Pretty nice (compared to my 2016 Vive, and what I've used of the Quest series).

    So far the game I liked the most was this short (~1 hr) narrative called Before Your Eyes that uses blinking as a mechanic. And that new Humanity game is pretty cool too!

    GT7 would be sick with a racing wheel in the mix too...

  4. The VR2 is awesome. Havenít felt this amazing and magic with videogames since moving from 2d to 3d games.
    Really digging Pavlov. Iím super impressed by how much motion you can do. Itís rather incredible.


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