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Thread: The Biden Presidency

  1. This is just one of those things where self interests align. Biden needs to get people vaccinated and Trump wants to take credit for the vaccines. To a comical extent because he actually says "I created these vaccines" despite the fact that he didn't seem to know what a vaccine was when the pandemic broke out and pitched intravenous disinfectant as a possible therapeutic.

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  2. It's almost comical how this train wreck of President generates so little conversation. Amazing.

  3. I'm just waiting to see how his re-election campaign is going to go. So many people have expressed regret for voting for this asshole.
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  4. I don't think the intention is for Biden to run again. The problem is that wanted to groom Kamala for the role, and she has flamed out spectacularly. I think they would like to find another centrist corporate liberal who won't make waves, but Biden is probably Plan C.

    With that said, Republicans have yet to produce an electable frontrunner, and Biden STILL beats Trump in head to head polls, even now. So the GOP may yet be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if they don't have a real reckoning about this asshole.

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