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Thread: A tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

  1. A tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

    Eddie was a true rock legend. He re-invented the way a guitar was played and its sound, much like what Hendrix did for the electric guitar in the 60s'.

    Rock musicians pour their heart out for him on twitter.

    I remember the 1st time that I'd heard Van Halen. A new guy in my small town told a friend and I about this insane band. We went over to his house to hear it and we were blown away. Eddie pretty much created the sound of 80s metal, with his innovative guitar playing.

    Gene Simmons of Kiss, was introduced to the band and was very impressed with their sound. He put together a demo reel of the band and its been put on youtube for all to enjoy. It's a very interesting view of the band's sound in 1976.

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  2. This is a major bummer, Van Halen was everything 80s.

  3. Ozzy is looking pretty ragged.

    Howard Stern talked about Eddie and showed off a guitar that was given to him by Eddie. He also talked about Eddie reaching out to Sammy and them being friends again. Eddie did right in the end.

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  4. Van Halen threw a free concert in the West End of Dallas back in 1991. I remember being on a construction site, when the news broke. People were leaving to go check out the concert, which lasted just over an hour, before being shut down. I went to my co-workers house, after work and one of his friends showed up with a beer in his hand, telling us all about seeing the show. What was really funny, was the guy would doze off for a second and then continue to tell the story. He held his beer perfectly still, whenever he'd pass out for a few. It was hilarious. I wish I could have been there.


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