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Thread: Xbox Series X/S (Official Thread)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    From what I remember, NFL Fever isn't bad. It had some neat ideas but it isn't familiar like Madden so people don't care. NFL 2k5 is still the best football and only the $20 price point allowed it to compete with Madden. FIFA is actually more valuable, those fans are nuts and that series is very stale from what I have read. However, there is zero competition since Konami sabotage themselves with ProEvo.

    MS paid a lot of money for the IPs, regardless of how we feel about the actual games, they seem to sell. Candy Crush alone makes a crap ton of cash.
    They didn't pay it for what those games make, though. They paid way over market cap, more than what all of Activision-Blizzard's divisions make in 20 years. So while Candy Crush might make "a lot" it doesn't make nearly enough to justify this purchase. In the end, the only way this makes sense is if it's about the value this adds to the Xbox brand and to GamePass.

  2. Agree, they definitely want to drive people to their GP service which will definitely pay dividends in the long run (assuming they are successful at increasing the subs).

  3. Microsoft has Xbox Series X consoles on sale at the Microsoft store. You have to pick a controller and one game for a $599 bundle.

  4. Target has been getting new Series X consoles this past week, available for pickup at local stores. My Wylie location currently has 5 available.

  5. I hope we're on the other side of the shortages and it's going to trend up. Costco has had Series S in stock at almost all locations in big numbers for a while, which isn't the version everyone wants, but 6 months ago was impossible to find as well.

  6. I saw an Xbox Series X in my local Walmart today. It looks like we might start seeing more of these on a more constant basis. I've seen many options available in the past month, but never saw the X at a retail location.

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  7. I'll buy the first one I see at Target. I've been saying that for over a year now though.
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  8. You can do that. Just go to I just went there, and it says that I can pick up the console tomorrow, at my local Target.

  9. None within 50 miles of me.
    Currently Playing: Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster (PC), Let's Build a Zoo (PC) & Despot's Game (PC)

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