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Thread: Xbox Series X/S (Official Thread)

  1. Whenever I can casually buy a series X, game pass is gonna be great. Don't want anything to do with it on my PC though. Sure wish EA would bring NHL to PC dammit!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Whenever I can casually buy a series X, game pass is gonna be great. Don't want anything to do with it on my PC though. Sure wish EA would bring NHL to PC dammit!
    I really wonder how long this bullshit with not being able to get a console in a store is going to last. Not even the Nintendo Switch was this fucking bad with the scalping.
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  3. The silicon shortage is far worse than the scalping (which is allegedly about 10%). Sony and MS can't make enough of these to feed demand, it's impossible to increase production.

  4. It looks like EA Play has been added to Gamepass for PC. I saw that the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection was available so I jumped on it. But, you have to download EA Desktop. Judging by what I see in the app (which is labeled as Beta software), EA is rebranding/rebuilding Origin. It's some redundant, eyerollingly stupid shit for a EA service to piggy back on Gamepass.

    When I clicked install in Gamepass, the prompt to download EA Desktop came up. After a reboot, I went back to Gamepass, clicked install, and EAD loaded, I chose where to save the game and it downloaded. Gamepass and EAD showed that it was downloading. When it was done, I clicked on Play in Gamepass and the game launched. EAD is the launcher, when I closed EAD, it just minimizes the program to the system tray while it runs the game. Gamepass is basically a porthole to EA HQ that gives you access to the EA Play games. I already have a EA account because I've used Origin before (it automatically signed me in to my EA account) and I assume you have to have one to use this.

  5. I noticed that the other day. I plan on downloading Squadrons and the other Star Wars games.

  6. This shit is all cool. Just wish I could find a damn Series X to buy to enjoy it.
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  7. I do as well but its a fine excuse to plow through my stupid backlog. Right now I'm playing through Link to the Past for the first time and loving it.

    I like that Microsoft isn't forgetting about their back catalog because I love playing the old stuff. Just wish Poker Smash was backwards compatible lol.

  8. I just got my series X last month and it does seem more like a continuation I didn't have XboneX and my TV doesn't take advantage of HDR or HDMI 2.1 cuz I don't have it I need a new one it's not even 4K so

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  9. Finally got one off Best Buy, only took 6 fucking months (still don't have a PS5).

    I'm not super excited about any of the current gen games that have released, but considering the shortage is gonna last into next year, I'm guessing games I do care about will come out long before I see this thing just sitting on store shelves. For the time being just playing One games with Seris X upgrades will be neat, and now I can look forward to the Next Gen patch for Cyberpunk and actually play that when it comes out!
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  10. I want one


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