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Thread: The Expanse

  1. It's not the lack of gravity. Without atmospheric pressure, blood will boil even at low temperatures.

  2. Still watching episodes as they come out. Pretty good.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  3. I devoured 8 episodes and was bummed I had hit all that had been released so far. Great season. It's really impressive how they are able to maintain interest through 5 or so groups of people. I'm engaged with each part and I'm always into seeing what they go through next. Naomi's path through this is brutal, Marco is a fantastic and believable villain (his attack plan is/was nuts) and I think I have a crush on Camina. Her arc this season is terrific. I'm half expecting to turn that special bottle of booze into a weapon any second now.

  4. Love this series but I love getting high and binging it for a few hours. Watched 1/2 of episode one before realizing it was slow release.

  5. I would prefer to watch it 2 or 3 episodes at a time, but it's so good that I just don't want to wait. This week's episode set up some big plot events, but wasn't all that eventful.

  6. I like that Peaches knows Amos's real name now. I look forward to her calling him Timmy, partially because he calls her Peaches but also because of Tiny.

  7. Excellent season! I'm looking forward to the last one.

  8. Yeah, I wish I could get my buddies to watch. They've dismissed my constant nudging, which sucks because I know they'd love it. I don't care about most of the Marvel stuff they're always discussing and I really want that "Game of Thrones" feeling back, where something is really deep & nuanced (like The Expanse) and we can bounce ideas off one another. I hope this show can stick the landing – it's really amazing how GoT was this wild cultural thing and has entirely left the public consciousness, all because of how awful those last two seasons are.

    Now that Naomi's made her choice, I think I'd like to see that thread turn into something where Filip takes control and ousts his father, maybe killing him. I suspect that the Mars Laconia people are the hardcore, war hawk conservatives who are going to make a bunch of weapons and come back to take shit over. I can't see a way to beat them with their Mars knowledge and the protomolecule, unless they've lost control of the protomolecule.

    Definitely looking forward to finally reading the books, too, and seeing how different things are.


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