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Thread: The Expanse

  1. The Expanse

    I know we've mentioned it in the "just watched" thread but after episode 4 of season 5 I think we need an official thread.

    I'm still reeling from that episode's awesomeness so I don't have much to say yet, but who else is watching? Who is your favorite character and why is it Amos?

  2. The new season started?!

  3. I haven't watched the latest episode, but I watched the first three as soon as I found out the season had started.
    Having the story go back to solar system politics after all the alien stuff at the end of last season kind of surprised me, but I haven't read the books, so maybe it was to be expected. They still have the rest of the season for shit to get weird.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    The new season started?!
    Yeah, last week the first 3 episodes released and then they'll do the remaining episodes one at a time each Wednesday.

    Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    They still have the rest of the season for shit to get weird.
    Episodes 1-3 were super slow burn, like the first two episodes of the first season. Episode 4 single-handedly took a huge dump all over the entirety of Game of Thrones. I haven't read the books, either, but they're somewhere in my enormous queue at the library.

    EDIT: I was reading that season 6 is it. The books apparently take a multiple-decade leap after that so they're gonna wrap it up early. And Alex won't be in season 6 either. Amos is only billed for the first seven episodes this season. If he dies we riot.
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  5. I'll have to start this when I knock out some other shows I'm in the middle of.

  6. My wife got me the books as a Christmas present so I'll have something to tide me over during the wait for season 6.

  7. I've been watching this since it came over to amazon. Pretty good.

    Episode 4 this season was insane.

    Probably spoiler that one thing about amos It's something that a lot of people, like me, that are keeping current with the show don't want to know about.

    Because Alex is a dirt bag in real life and got kicked off the show, that is fine to have in there.
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  8. Good call. And wow about Cas Anvar!

    I absolutely love this waiting. It was a great idea for them to drop 1-3, so you get the buildup & "holy shit" ending of episode 3, then wait a week for the majesty of how episode 4 unfolded. The actor who plays Marco Inaros has such a great delivery, you really feel the emotion even if you disagree. Also, for some reason, I'm a big fan of when Sakai says, "You lose," after the big fight.

  9. Loved the whole stubborn/antagonistic thing between that body modded dude and Amos in the most recent episode. That fucking suplex was amazing. Also, I really thought that scene with Naomi and Marco was going to veer into Filip accidentally getting hurt. I'm glad it went a completely unexpected direction. Definitely wondering what Bobby and Alex have up their sleeves.

    Also, the actor who plays Marco Inaros liked a tweet of mine mentioning him as a favorite villain of mine. So that's pretty rad.

  10. Anyone else keeping up & dying to see what's next?

    And because I totally missed this in episode 3: During that whole situation with Monica in the shipping crate, when she ran out of air, Holden injected her with oxygenated blood. It made her eyes turn red and bulge a little because blood is apparently drawn to the head when there's no gravity. I had to look that up since it didn't occur to me during that awesome "leap of faith" moment.


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