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Thread: This Year's Haul: 2021

  1. That's crazy. Here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, house prices have skyrocketed because of demand. The value of our home has nearly doubled, because of the demand, and we are constantly being bombarded by people asking if we want to sell our home.

  2. Texas is RE market is hot! I read all the Californians are leaving the state to Texas to escape from the ridiculous high taxes and horrible state government. While not as crazy hot as Texas, our RE market has pretty much appreciated by 20-30% since last summer. We get the NYC exodus here, who can blame them for not wanting to live in a box with none of the perks of living in a large city during a pandemic?

    Now I am reading that all the rich people are buying up farmland, places like Idaho has the highest price increase in the entire country. It is pretty insane.

  3. Columbus Ohio (and it's many suburbs) is in a similar situation. My condo is worth almost 150% of what it was when I bought it 2.5 years ago.
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  4. I found this (Official?) PS2 wireless controller on ebay. The price was very reasonable and the seller didn't charge for shipping. The only thing that bothers me is how bright the red led is on the wireless adapter. I might put some black tape over it.

    I also picked up a couple of switch games.

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  5. Octopath is pretty fun, I am playing it on Gamepass.

  6. Game pass has more games than I can keep up with. Might as well have a version of Octopath Traveler on the go.

  7. Got a Series S as a dedicated Game Pass machine and I'm digging it a lot! Whenever I luck out and find a series X, the S can become my daughters gaming machine. Bummer about the storage but I'll probably order the expansion soon. 220 kinda sucks but I'm going to need it at some point so I may as well get it.


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