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Thread: Completion Thread 2021 -OVERTURE-

  1. #1: Forza Horizon 4 (PC) - I'm going to call this one complete, as there are not any more races that I can complete, without buying the expansion packs. It's been a little over a year of racing a couple of races here and there, along with exploring the barn finds. Hopefully, there will be a Forza Horizon 5 soon.

  2. Donut County

    Fun game where you are a raccoon that is in control of hole that gets bigger the more objects you swallow up. It looks cool, it's weird in all the right ways, and it's a fun way to kill an hour or so. Clever secrets too, makes it feel like a throwback to the old days.

  3. Cyber Shadow

    4. Cyber Shadow

    If the Internet was to be believed before release of the game, it was supposed to be something that would
    follow in the NES's Ninja Gaiden series' footsteps. As soon as you start playing it though, it is immediately evident
    that that is not the case. I don't really have a NES game that I can compare it to. People were also saying that
    it was similar to "The Messenger". It is not. I finished the messenger a couple of years back and even though the
    games are pretty different, they both left me thinking the same thing: "Was that worth playing through?"

    It's not a bad game, but it's also not great. A couple of things about the level design:

    • Platforming can be a little unforgiving and sometimes checkpoints are not as close as they should be which leads to a lot of frustration
    • Enemy encounters throughout the levels are unsatisfying
    • Levels overstay their welcome
    • The boss encounters are pretty good (for the most part)

    The story and writing are pretty bad. The graphics do a good job of looking similar to a NES game's graphics, but have
    just enough extra detail and color to make them really pop. The music is pretty good. Once you power up your character with
    all of the available abilities, there are one or two platforming/enemy sequences that were quite satisfying. But that was it. One or
    two sequences that left that feeling of "okay, that was pretty bad ass". Everything else felt like... a chore?

    I don't want to be too negative on it. The game was made basically by one person. I can appreciate that game development is
    very complicated. I certainly do not have the will power to put something like this together. That being said, I am having a really
    difficult time recommending it. If you have Xbox Game Pass (which is how I played it), give it a try. It won't cost you anything other
    than the time you put into it. You might like it, but I still have it at a 5/10 (using the full 1-10 scale and not the media outlets' scale
    of anything below a 7 is garbage). It's mediocre.

  4. #1 The Last of Us 2

    Tain already wrote so much more eloquently than I would have in the first post, so I won't repeat. I really enjoyed the story for the most part. Playing Abby was a bit jarring initially, but I love her arc and it really mirrors Joel's in the first game. I did feel the game did overstayed its welcome and could have trimmed a few hours. It is a really brutal and sad tale, and there is no satisfying ending. Love to see where the story goes for both characters.

  5. #2 Cyberpunk 2077 PC

    I've put in a little bit more than 78 hours into this game. I really wanted to explore as much as possible, before doing the final mission, which includes finishing Johnny Silverhand's story. I really loved playing this game, even with the occasional glitch, like wrecking into an invisible car, or watching an invisible person having a drink. I liked the little touch they had at the ending with everyone leaving a message for V, not really knowing if he was still alive, or dead. My path had it ending, with V about to do a major job at the space casino. The last thing they showed was him floating towards the complex, while he drew his gun. I'm guessing that he didn't make it and wanted to go out while doing what he loved best.

  6. 9. Cyber Shadow

    This might have some of the best Famicom-style visuals of any modern game I can think of. It delivers visually on those Kickstarter shots of Steel Assault (where this game got its start before Steel Assault switched over to a GBA-ish look), with gorgeous Batman-styled backgrounds and awesome robot designs all over the place.

    The mechanics are solid, and I particularly like the way the front half of the game builds up your abilities before letting you loose with full Rockman X wall climbing, a dash, and a double jump. The boss fights are mostly clever ways to test the player at their new abilities, and for being as long as the game is there's rarely a dull section.

    The only real complaint I have is that, while the checkpoint pacing is awesome and gives you some satisfying trials late-game, it's still a game built around a flat retry structure rather than a tiered one. I couldn't help but wonder how it would be if it were built around a lives system.

    10. Tomb Raider

    Played the PS1 version. Obviously the game was a big deal at the time due to its presentation and perspective, but its specific approach to 3D Prince of Persia style platforming is still pretty novel. It's a lot of fun to learn how to identify and handle the various types of jumps the game asks, and the action is at it's peak when you're made to figure out how to tackle some timed series of dangerous stunts (the very end of the game is awesome with this). Combat is there to spice things up further and looks kinda cool, but it's mostly just a pace-breaker due to the extreme auto-aim and gets a bit tiring toward the end.

    The save system is pretty interesting. The three versions of the game came out very closely together and the console versions use save points placed in the world where the PC version simply uses save-anywhere. I was surprised to see that the save points vanish on use, turning them into a resource of sorts. Most of the game is generous with them, but spaces them out in a few key points to good result.

    In spite of the game being kinda smaller scope development-wise (credits suggest a team of six?) and the obvious cell-based engine, the environments are surprisingly nice-looking with a lot of texture variety and some moody vertex shadowing. A lot of the enemies look goofy, but Lara herself animates pretty well. This game could easily have been one where you'd get lost in repetitive maze-like stages, but there are enough Cool Rooms that it isn't.

    Main downsides are a couple specific hotspot-hunting instances and easy-to-miss passages and it could probably be a little bit shorter (the Natla Mines stage is pretty bad). Nothing game-ruining.

    11. Makyou Densetsu - The Legendary Axe

    Played the PCE version. This game is fantastic, gotta be one of the best home action-platformers of its time. The axe charge up system is satisfying, and when you hit the second half of the game and start doing the full bar smash it's the best shit ever. The game does a good job shifting between making you worry about getting knocked into pits and making you worry about taking damage, and the stages are full of enemy designs with a lot of character. The only real downsides are the end-of-game maze (it's not particularly tough but still) and the fact that so many of the game's bosses are arrangements of the next stage's enemies.
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  7. Ghost of Tsushima - really enjoyed it. Need to mop up some locations (ie... finding them), but all of the bad guys are dead so it's done as far as I'm concerned. GOTY shared with Last of Us 2 as far as I'm concerned.


    Retroactive GOTY 2020 for me. Started playing it in 2020, so it counts, lol. Until I finished 13 SENTINELS, I more admired than truly enjoyed Vanillaware's games. Their games had excellent writing and narrative design, and the art design was always brilliant of course, but the gameplay systems never really meshed (something I'm trying to come to grips with as I play ODIN SPHERE currently). But it all comes together perfectly in 13 SENTINELS, partly because the gameplay mostly takes a backseat to the amazing storytelling and art design. Don't get me wrong, the real time/turn-based hybrid strategy gameplay is pretty good, but it doesn't ever get in the way of the story. For anyone who grew up loving sci-fi, anime, kaiju, and giant robots, this game is an absolute must play.


    Finished the RPG story mode. Really enjoyable game. ArcSys has drilled 2D fighting game design down to a science ever since they created their current Guilty Gear Xrd game engine. The fighting roster is diverse and enjoyable and (surprisingly) LBGT+ representative as well. Command list is simple to learn and execute, and most moves even have shortcuts (even supers). I'd like to see this game catch on with a bigger player base (maybe if it got rollback netcode someday), because it's super fun and accessible. It's not hard to find a ranked match even though the community is much smaller than DBFZ, and the East Coast lobbies are usually pretty populated.


    I think I put the colon in the right place. First piece of Star Wars media I've consumed since the disaster of Episode IX and, on balance, I had a lot of fun with it. The story is pretty good. Combat is just shy of being great - imagine SEKIRO, but sloppier. You can parry but usually there's no reason to bother, because if you try to play aggressive parries the bosses will simply recharge their stamina too quickly for it to matter or the benefit that you receive from reducing their stamina from parries is too low. That's ok though, because the force powers are so much fun to use. Respawn are extremely talented designers, and they put together some really focused levels here, but the game suffers from occasional bloat/Metroidvania syndrome. I'd like to see a more focused, less Metroidvania sequel with more Dark Souls and better combat.

    4. TITANFALL 2

    Finally got around to playing this game. It totally lived up to the hype. It's nice to play a perfectly focused campaign with excellent level design with none of the bloat that most AAA games suffer from. This is on the level of Portal 2, Half-Life 2, Halo, The Last of Us, and the best single player narrative gaming experiences I've ever seen. It's only 6 hours or so and it's pretty cheap - I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't played it yet. Multiplayer seems to be pretty dead these days, sadly.
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  9. Titanfall 2 was awesome. Figuring out how to chain together wall runs with jumps was frustrating, but fun. It was a refreshing update to the mech combat genre.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Titanfall 2 was awesome. Figuring out how to chain together wall runs with jumps was frustrating, but fun. It was a refreshing update to the mech combat genre.
    I've been meaning to play this. Thing is that the only FPS's I've ever really played are Bungie ones (Halo, Destiny). I did the tutorial for Titanfall 2 a couple of years ago and the controls weren't clicking with me since it's more Call of Duty than Halo/Destiny. But I really do want to give it another shot.


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