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Thread: Completion Thread 2021 -OVERTURE-

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Good job Nei. Which weapon is your favorite, and also favorite god(dess)/boons?
    Thanks. Let's see. I'll give you my favorite build so far. The sword with the aspect where the special knocks out the casting orbs that are stuck in enemies. This combined with Exit Wounds from Artemis (every time the orbs are ejected from enemies it causes damage), higher % of critical hits also from Artemis, the extra arrow damage for every attack (Artemis again), and Poseidon's cast boon, all leveled up with some pomegranate fruits made it very satisfying to cast 3 to 4 orbs into enemies for ~200 damage with each orb. Then hit them with a sword special for ~70 damage, and the special knocking out the orbs so that Exit Wounds would add another 150-200 for each orb. I always enjoy Athena's dash boon as it is very liberating to be able to dash and deflect projectile. Any run that is missing that boon makes the run all the more difficult for me. How about you?

  2. Wow nice, I don't really do cast builds. I didn't like the sword at all and had the biggest problem beating Hades until I level up the crit %.

    I originally thought the rail gun was my favorite since I can just bomb away and especially with the aspect (forgot name) where you get a bonus % for 4 seconds if you are hit with the special. But then I was having a ton of fun with the fist and cleared it faster. But when I tried the bow and got the hammer to remove the power shot into rapid fire and basically mowed everyone down. After that I fell in love with the shield because you can basically block everyone and wreck the game with Doom. I think this game is flexible enough that my favorites really depend on how I want to play.

  3. #3 Cabal (Mame)

    I recently got the Atgames Legends Pinball along with the joystick/trackball accessory. This is a perfect setup to play many of the old vertical and trackball arcade games. One of my favorites is Cabal, and I never got far back then. I sat down and finished it yesterday. Although you get unlimited continues just like every other arcade games, the boss fights are reset when you respawn and you have to kill the boss with 1 life. The last boss is quite difficult but I took it down after about an hour of continues I will go back to it periodically and see how far I can get with 1 credit.

  4. I thought Cabal's last boss was actually easy. Take out the two pop-up guns on one corner, hang around there, then pound on the boss a bit until they respawn. Repeat this until the boss goes down.
    Blood Bros. doesn't have that annoying boss battle reset unless you use a continue.

    8) Control (PC)
    A great third-person shooter from Remedy, with a good story featuring paranormal activity. The telekinesis and levitation powers are used well. Control has a Metroidvania feel to the areas, with some places being inaccessible until you gain a certain power or clearance level. Levitation isn't just good for getting to certain areas, but it can also be used to set up a devastating ground slam attack with decent AOE. Launching objects at enemies can strip their armor, then you can go back to shooting and let the TK energy refill. My most used weapon modes were Spin (machinegun) and Shatter (shotgun). If you use the gun's Charge mode, be careful. Its splash is larger than the usual rocket launcher. I love the Seize power in this, which lets you mindjack Hiss forces into serving as temporary allies.

    Control is a good showpiece for RTX cards like the 3080. If you're having problems with repeat CTDs during the Anchor fight, set a 60 FPS cap from your GPU control panel. This worked for me.

    Finished in 2021: 8 games (PC: 4, PS4: 2, PS3: 1, X1: 1)

  5. PS4 - Far Cry 5

    I really liked it - didn't like the ending that much, though. It's cool that New Dawn picks up where this one left off so I ordered that from Amazon. Much more open ended than previous Far Cry installments and I liked the story though I feel like they could've done quite a bit more with it but probably not without stirring up a whole bunch of shit.


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