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Thread: Resident Evil Village

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    I just read that article. Base PS4 (which is what I have) runs at 900p at an unlocked frame rate that can reach 60, but dips into the 40s and even low-30s at times. Very impressive for last-gen, all things considered.

    However, I've seen footage of the PC version at max settings, and holy shit is it astonishingly beautiful.
    I have the base PS4 as well.

    I played about a little over an hour of the game at 1440p. I couldn't max out everything, because even at 1440p, the game would require more than 8 GB of VRAM to accomplish that. It's a good looking game, but I thought that it could have looked a little bit better, considering that it is using Ray Tracing.

  2. From what I've seen the Ray Tracing mode is pretty limited and doesn't make a big enough difference to justify the performance cost (on S|X and 5).

  3. I'm enjoying this a lot more than I expected, I have to admit. Ethan and the storyline is really cheesy, much more b-movie goofiness than horror, but I'm having a good time. Nice quality of life improvements for the RE series to streamline things, and the sheer level of detail in the environments (even if it's more for "looking" than "touching") is astounding. Makes exploring very, very enjoyable, though. The gunplay is fun enough, if basic; HL Alyx sort of set the bar for this type of first-person action impossibly high, so my expectations have been pretty tempered.

    I played the demo on PS5 and it was great. 4k at 60. It looks similarly fantastic on my aging (GTX 1080) PC, except I have to keep the resolution considerably lower. It still looks great at 1080p, though. And my friend is playing it on his GTX 970 with no complaints. The art direction more than makes up for any jaggies.
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  4. It's getting to where I'm getting chased around the castle a lot more, so exploring is keeping me on edge, because of Lady D going on a mad rampage. I think I'm about 4 hours into what I've been told is a 10 hour game. That's about the right amount of time for a game like this, because I don't think I can handle 40 hours of fighting the undead.

    I too am playing this with a GTX 1080, in my living room PC. I had to lower some of the lighting effects, because in certain areas it would just tank the performance. The 2080 Super Rig (in my office) is handling the game with RT on medium settings at 1440P. The one thing to know is that you don't want to push that image quality setting too far past 1. I had it at 1.5, which was pretty much equal to running the game @4K. I'm now running it at 1.2 on my main rig and 1.1 on the living room setup.

  5. I just finished RE: Code Veronica (solid game!), and next on my list is RE 6 (never played it before). Then Village!

    That said, due to my media blackout, the only REV enemies I was familiar with were Lady D (of course) and the werewolves. I was surprised to hear that cybernetic enemies show up later in the game when the controversy popped up over alleged plagiarism from the Frankenstein's Army movie.

    I've been a fan of the movie for a while (it's really cool), and I can see the argument over some of the monster designs being *ahem* inspired by the movie. Most can be considered coincidences, I guess, but that propeller-head dude? No way. Honestly, I don't care, as the monster designs in Frankenstein's Army were awesome, but I guess Capcom could have at least credited the director.
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  6. That's some batshit crazy going on there.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I too am playing this with a GTX 1080, in my living room PC. I had to lower some of the lighting effects, because in certain areas it would just tank the performance.
    Same here. I was having a mostly 60 fps good time but with really massive hangs (there's a well-hung joke in here somewhere) every ~20 mins before I went in and activated one of the presets for better performance. (It was AWFUL during some of the fights with lots of insects flying around, stuttering like mad.) So far so good - it looked like it halved the amount of VRAM it was using but it still looks pretty great.

  8. Finished this the other day. What a fun ride. I really didnít have much interest in it after playing the demo, but the reviews were good so I picked it up anyways. Played it on the Series X, game looks amazing, runs smooth too even with Ray Tracing on.

    I really like that the game is more like RE4 with a bit more action and the ability to buy upgrades. Makes exploring and combat worthwhile just to get that extra edge when going into the next fight.

    Iím not going to say much about the story, just that when you think the game is done, thereís like 2 more hours to go.
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  9. I'm still enjoying it quite a bit, slowly but surely making my way through it. Really digging the variety of locations and I really don't mind how some of the areas are fairly silo'd off - there's still some cohesive threads running through the village itself, and I'm spared a lot of mindless backtracking. In fact, I'd say this is the smoothest RE I've swallowed yet - rarely do I feel stuck or at a loss for what to do next. No insanely arbitrary or obscure puzzles. That's a plus in my book. It just keeps on trucking, and I'm keen on riding it all the way.

  10. It would be nice if the dealer didn't run out of supplies. I'm still in the castle, with just a few puzzles to solve, a pissed off Mrs. D and no way of healing my character, who could die from just one more hit. I guess I'm going to have to run for it, find a few vases to break, and just hope that an antiseptic shows up so I can make a heal med.


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