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Thread: Adam Sessler and G4TV are back.....sort of.

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    The real question is The Swish coming back?

  2. I did enjoy the Adam and Jirard going back and forth, I could end up liking that dynamic and watching the videos of those two.

    Mostly I just like Jirard a lot, everything he does I like. The seasons of Madness with him in it are awesome, the seasons that didn't mostly sucked.

  3. Attack of the Show streamed tonight. I can't get the time in the link, so just skip to 2 hours and 18 minutes.

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  4. The end is near, already.

    I can't say I'm surprised, they really didn't make anything original or quality since coming back. Bunch of round table shows with people no one cares about.

  5. It was pretty weird. I tried to watch one of their 3 hour live streams and it was just horrible!

  6. It was just a vanity/pet project from the CEO (or owner?) son. It has failure written all over it from the get go.

  7. Like all I want is anyone to make an actually good video game channel.

    How can there be a dozen news networks, hundreds of sports channels, and endless Youtube / Twitch content but no one can figure out how to actually create a G4TV idea that doesn't totally suck? They even fucked up Scott the Woz somehow, like just show his 20+ minute videos at 7pm or something, it's not complicated. Or with Jerard the Completionist, don't have him make some god awful "God of Work" shit, just have him make new Episodes of his existing show as exclusives to your channel and show any of his older videos that fit the time format.

  8. Frosk finally shit-canned. I really am amazed how Tone Deaf the bitch is. She celebrated not being fired while her co-workers got pink slipped. I don't fully blame her for the mess of G4 but she sure as hell was a major factor in it with her "Sexism in Gaming" Rant.
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  9. I don't know where she came from and why she was hired by G4 in the first place, but I've seen zero content involving her or about her that paints her as a good choice for the role she filled.

    Edit: Feel I should clarify that while it's really weird to comment about how "she's less bangable than Olivia Munn" and anyone who does that is a loser, to be a host of a program that came back from a 10 year hiatus and then go on a rant about sexism in video game culture 4 months into the relaunch, is just not what a professional host should do. You should ignore the dumb online comments since they have no value and weight, and keep the show on track. The inability to differentiate between the good business decision then and with what she just tweeted, are symptoms of the same issue, she's a moron.
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