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Thread: Adam Sessler and G4TV are back.....sort of.

  1. Agree, she is clearly not professional. She just wanted a platform where she can sprout her nonsense.

  2. They dead.

    Sounds like they were averaging 1,000 viewers on the TV broadcasts. That's insane low. Youtube was doing better, but it was doing what would be decent numbers for 2-4 people working on a channel, meanwhile they had a staff of 200.

  3. Adam is burning the bridge, along with the town on the other side of it, with his actions. He just needs to go silent.

  4. Old man yelling at cloud

  5. I got REALLY into Action Button reviews and the one about Boku No Natsuyasumi has a segment going on about how the 3rd game was talked about by western reviewers when it didn't even come out here. The main person it talks about; and actually I think the only one you know by name, is Adam who goes "where's the high octane action?" as if that's what all games should be.

    I didn't care about Adam back when I did watch G4, I didn't care about him when they tried to relaunch it. I hadn't even watched that Boku No Natsuyasumi video BEFORE G4 failed again a few months ago. But I now have all the information I need to know that Adam Sessler sucks.


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