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Thread: Adam Sessler and G4TV are back.....sort of.

  1. Adam Sessler and G4TV are back.....sort of.

    I'm so glad to see that Adam is back on Youtube.

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  2. I remember the novelty of G4 being that there wasn't anything like it on TV and Youtube was not what it is today, so the content they made was interesting. There was some show where it was just collections of cut scenes from different games called Cinematech that I found interesting, but wouldn't watch at all today.

    The content made by The Completionist, Some Call my Johnny, ProJared, Scott the Woz, Salt Factory, Summoning Salt and even comedy stuff like videogamedunkey is just better content that G4 ever was and this new channel would need to really tighten it up to compete for my attention.

  3. I never watched much of him, he seemed alright. This new iteration tho, just sounds like an old man yelling at the cloud.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    I never watched much of him, he seemed alright. This new iteration tho, just sounds like an old man yelling at the cloud.
    He's always been that way. He was a part of a YouTube channel called Rev3Games that was shut down about 6 years ago. I liked his reviews on X-Play and all, but man, he's an old looking 47 for sure.
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  5. This one popped up on my suggested list. Love Wood's impersonation of Randy Savage.

  6. Wood may have triggered my inner nerdrage when he said No Mercy was the first WWF game in the AKI series.
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  7. I LOVED WCW World Tour when it came out. The one after that was even better.

    I liked G4 a lot when it was on for the same reasons Opaque mentioned. There's a ton of competition for this now, it'd be cool to see them bring something new with this.

  8. I can't quite put my finger on it but I'm kind of liking Old Man Adam Sessler.I wasn't crazy about G4 back in the day - I was more into TechTV, with Leo & Patrick on The Screen Savers... and I think maybe Adam had a show on TechTV before it became G4? Or maybe I have it all messed up.Regardless, I remember finding it all a bit cringey back in the day, but looking back on it, I'm appreciative of it. They could potentially do some neat things with YouTube these days. Apparently CodeMiko is going to be involved, and she's doing interesting stuff to say the least.


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