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  1. Knockout City

    Awesome game alert!

    EA just put out this future dodgeball game on every platform so there's a 95% chance you can play this. I think it's free to play for the rest of the week (and it's on GamePass).

    I remember hearing about this game some time ago, forgot about it, and downloaded it on a whim. The gameplay mechanics are...brilliant.

    Everyone knows how dodgeball works. You throw, avoid getting hit, catch the ball. All of that is true here. Two hits knocks you out (the basic mode is 3v3 first to ten knock out rounds, first to two wins). And now the twists.

    You charge up a throw by holding the throw button. Fully charged makes the throw faster. There are ways to charge the ball beyond that. Catching it is based on timing, you can get a "good" or "perfect" catch. The charge peaks at 5, so when you get into a back and forth volley with someone (it feels like tennis) that fucker is flying.

    Beyond catching a ball for defense, you can dodge a throw by dashing out of the way, or by dashing INTO it. That deflects the ball and gives you a good chance of getting the rebound, putting you on offense. You can also dash into someone, knocking them down and forcing them to drop a ball they are holding.

    Everyone can double jump (it doesn't give you much more air) and has a hang glider so you can travel across large gaps (every level has large height differences, you have to pay attention to your surroundings for offensive/defensive opportunities. The locomotion feels similar to Titanfall, but not as fast, also, no wall running).

    Trick shots: you can lob and curve a throw to get around cover. You can only catch a ball you are facing, so the angle of attack is key to hitting anyone who knows how to play the game.

    What if you don't have a ball? A teammate can throw you a ball. Or you can roll up into a ball (think Metroid) and have a teammate pick you up and throw you. If they fully charge the throw, you turn into an aerial bombardment where you can control where you land (it does splash damage, clutch for team kills). Hitting someone with a teammate will take all of their health. But, an enemy can pick you up too if you are rolling around! Gotta be careful.

    There are special balls too. I've seen Sniper (crazy fast and you can see a red line when you are being targeted to give you a heads up), Moon (makes you jump extra high), Cage (forces you into a ball to be picked up for a short time-you can mash your way out of it faster) and Multiball (gives you 3 balls to throw).

    I haven't been surprised by a game in ages, so this feels extra awesome. I think everyone should try it. Do all the tutorials so you know what you can do before you play a live match, it makes a big difference. The skill ceiling is really high, I'd be surprised if this didn't become a popular esport.
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  2. Some serious Splatoon vibes, I gots the Gamepass, I'm gonna try this.

  3. It looks like a combination of Splatoon and Overwatch.

  4. Tried this the other day through Gamepass and I liked what I played. Is it crossplay? This seems like a perfect candidate for it so thereís a bigger player pool.

    Itís nice to play something different online for once. Maybe we can do a TNL night if crossplay is a thing.
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  5. Yes, it's crossplay! We can make a TNL Crew. Let's try to organize a night to play.

  6. Had no idea what I was getting into, but this game is really fun. Risk/Reward decisions permeate the whole experience. Not crazy about the whole XP/cosmetics/Fortnitey vibe, but I guess they gotta make money somehow. If it's this much fun, I can live with that. At least it looks pretty all right aesthetically - and the music isn't bad either.

  7. I made a RampantFronting crew. I think I have to invite people to join. For crossplay (I'm on Xbox for the most part) we need to share Knockout IDs.


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