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Thread: Battlefield 2042

  1. I'm still playing this one. I'm just now remembering that this was PS4+Xbox One. I like this game but it doesnt really hit like BF4 or even BF5. I feel like it was just held back by the last gen consoles. The maps are huge but they're just nowhere as dense as previous games. I can't put my finger on it... but I'm a trash player anyway. Don't mind me.

  2. I'm playing regularly on PC/series X . It isn't my favorite BF game but they really did do ALOT of damage control with this game. They could have easily delayed it for a year and save a lot of heartache. It's also nice to play last gen versions of this game and stay away from all the hackers on the PC side.

    The map reworks have been very welcome and the new content has been great, just not enough of it. I wish they'd utilize portal mode as well. There are so many maps and possibilites that they're missing out on. I'd love to see some BF2/2142 maps brought back.


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