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Thread: Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

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    I’ve just been playing a little bit here and there. My longest session was probably 2-3 hours on Sunday. I’ve completed 10 Shrines so far and Link still only has 4 hearts of health. I’m in no hurry to get to a dungeon, until I get a few more hearts. I’m also needing better weapons. I’m getting a lot of meh swords and bows.
    Fuse anything and everything. The combat is much easier once you try to fuse random crap including horns/hoofs/other animal parts. Heck, fuse a frozen meat (kill animal in the snowy mountains) with a shield and you have the best surf board ever.

  2. Yeah, I was waiting for a pike, so I could fuse a horn to it. I had a rock fused to a shield, at one point.

    I just found out yesterday, that my official guide won’t arrive until mid-July.

  3. I ordered the Official Strategy Guide for Tears of the Kingdom back in May, from Amazon. It finally arrived this week.

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  4. Very nice! Still plugging away from this game at a leisurely pace. I love it.

  5. Hey, I just seen the book on Amazon this week and I got it today! No long preorders lol! Iíve only finished the wind area so Iíll still get lots of use from the guide.
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  6. My interest in this game kind of fell off a cliff when the next shiny thing came out a couple weeks after launch. I do plan to get back into this and at least finish the main campaign... although with some hindsight it does feel *very very* Breath of the Wild 2.0. That's not to say that's bad, it's still great fun - just a little uninteresting (once you get over the new physics/object manipulation stuff at least).

  7. Breath of the Wild is, in my opinion, the greatest singular game ever made. The true sense of exploration and discovery during it is unmatched in my experience.

    I got halfway through Tears and just haven't gone back. All the magic of discovering what's over the next hill goes out the window when you've generally memorized the whole map from a previous game, and now it's just tweaked. They should have had them traveling to a different Kingdom to search for something, anything. The underground areas is boring. The sky area is alright. Building shit just isn't that much fun honestly.

  8. Iím not quite halfway through but I agree that it hasnít grabbed me like the last one. I guess itís probably because it feels like Iíve already played it? Doesnít help that Elden Ring just raised that bar stupid high for world exploration for me. That game had crazy shit to see around every bend and I could experience it all with a friend.
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  9. I love this game, half the fun is experimenting with different builds. I am almost at the end, only 5 more shrines to unlock (in the sky somewhere) and getting the master sword. The lore is really good too, probably best out of all the Zeldas.


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