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Thread: Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

  1. Seriously, government needs to step in and do something about bots being used for hoarding items.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Seriously, government needs to step in and do something about bots being used for hoarding items.
    If supply is low, raise the price. The Switch should have been selling for $400 MSRP in 2020.

    As far as LE games, companies should sell them for $150 on day one. On day two, drop the price to $100. Leave some of the scalpers holding the bag.

  3. A pleasant surprise that I'll definitely check out.

    I definitely wish it were pixel art instead of 3D graphics, but I guess it's understandable since it's the same team that did Samus Returns. Which I never played since I don't have a 3DS.

    *investigates emulation options*

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RoleTroll View Post
    If supply is low, raise the price. The Switch should have been selling for $400 MSRP in 2020.
    Scalpers are still gonna get it regardless of the price. It's a process problem, not a price problem. PS5's are still being scooped up for $500 and resold for $900. The same thing would happen with Switch if it were priced higher than it is regularly and it would only make it worse for consumers. (Sure, Nintendo could get richer.)

    After diving into PS5 hell the past couple months I can only say that more retailers need systems similar to the lottery-style one Sony implements, where you have a 20-minute window to "be there," and then get randomly assigned a place in line. Sure it's not ideal, but it beats endlessly clicking "add to cart" on Gamestop or Bestbuy for 45 minutes straight and just hoping above all hope that one miraculously does indeed end up in your cart. With Sony's system I was able to snag one for myself and helped my friend acquire one just the other day.

    But yes, it still really sucks that acquiring one for non-scalper prices requires a bit of research and basically following people who alert when there's a drop and being ready to pull the trigger as soon as opportunity knocks.

  5. Scalpers are scooping up $1,200 (they are supposed to sell for @ $800) RTX 3080s and flipping them for nearly $2,100, because of the demand for Crypto mining. Prices never stopped those people. Retailers and some manufacturers have actually nearly doubled the price and they are still being hoarded.
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  6. The internet made everyone into an international seller. It is so easy to make a few bucks that everyone is looking for easy money. I can't blame people doing it, the only real way to limit this is to produce massive numbers and flood the market but that also put the risk on the producer (not to mention a lot of waste).

  7. I don't have any solution to this problem. I suppose the only real solution lies within you. Be zen and realize that you don't need this to be happy, and if you can't buy it so be it. Life isn't noticeably better (or worse) whether you have this widget.

  8. Can't blame the scalpers, since they're only doing what they do because there are people out there willing to pay out the ass for the non-essential items that they desperately want.

    Don't get me wrong, as a toy collector it's annoying as fuck not to be able to go into a store and find the shelves barren because every asshole on Earth is swooping in and grabbing everything to sell on ebay, but if people would just be patient and wait until the listings are saturated with product, the prices will go down and scalping will lose it's allure.
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  9. I feel like a reasonable counter measure is to only give pre-orders of things like that to existing accounts of at least a year (through whatever company is selling the pre-orde), 1 per house hold, no PO boxes.

    Will that screw some legit buyers? Yeah totally. Will it screw way less legit buyer than bots currently do? Without a doubt.


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