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Thread: Halo Infinite

  1. Bot matches are a really good way to learn the weapons and equipment, sadly they don't include the large maps so there's no way to practice and learn for Big Team Battle without jumping right in and getting your ass beat.

    The skill gap between bots and real players goes without saying, but I went from being useless in real PVP to at least sometimes not terrible thanks to bot matches!

  2. Tried my first match yesterday, I forgot that Halo is all about jumping. I even got in a few kills.

  3. I'm really struggling to understand the difference between bot survival and real player survival.

    If you're a bot and I see you while I have a Br you're dead, period. 5 shot maximum. Meanwhile if you're a real player I CANNOT kill you even with a whole clip. It's not dodging from what I can see on replays, it's almost like bots take true damage and real players based on ping just aren't where they should be. I can't explain it.

    I go from 65% accuracy in bot matches to like 30% in PVP. Consistently. From my view the shooting looks identical.
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  4. After another day I think I can really confirm that there is a gap between how bots take damage and real players do.

    In the Halo 2 days it was a big deal who hosted the games. For obvious reasons host had the most competitive experience, because information on what they did didn't have to bounce back and forth. You'd know who was host based on who's name loaded in first as a match started and they were always a God.

    My theory goes that since bots are running on the server side, there's no back and forth data delay when shooting them. It's like host back in the day. In bot matches all real players have that quality host connection and in pvp no one does. Or at least I don't.

  5. I think it always comes down to headshots, no matter what. The damage scales so much higher on the head that hitting someone anywhere else is basically a waste of time. I've been learning to aim a little high with burst shots (thinking AR and BR here) to hit the chest and the recoil raises shots to the head. If I aim for the head, I usually miss too much.

    And jumping in Halo is usually a bad idea. The arc is so drawn out and slow, it turns you into a balloon target.

    The new Son of a Bitch move is the grappling hook/shotgun combo. It's like, great, Gears of War showed up with a faster dash move.
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  6. Actually the videos of the difference between what people are seeing client vs server side is insane right now. Crazy shit where people are driving on a road on their screens and off a cliff on the server side, resulting in their deaths that make no sense from their view.

    Seems to be significantly more common in PVP than Bots. It's bad right now.

  7. Played a few rounds of Infinite and man do I wish the Xbox Series pads had gyro - just using a twin stick setup feels ancient.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    Played a few rounds of Infinite and man do I wish the Xbox Series pads had gyro - just using a twin stick setup feels ancient.
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  9. I haven't played a Halo game in forever, but Game Pass, so why not. Played to the title card last night, seems solid so far.

  10. I installed it as soon as I could, but work happened (and has continued to do so). At this point I don't think I'm going to get to it until the weekend. Looking forward to it though!


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