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Thread: I'd decided to refurbish my Xbox 360 Elite.

  1. That's some Jedi level refurbishing. I guess I’m going to have to get a heat gun to delid it. I much prefer Microsoft’s approach with the heat-sink set directly on the chips.

    There’s no way I’m drilling holes in my PS3. That’s totally unnecessary.
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  2. That kind of does seem like a fun project, but man, I don't know how comfortable I feel even doing that, let alone what the payoff would be. Games aren't exactly going to run better...

  3. Yeah the holes in the bottom may be overkill, not sure if I'd even try that. I really want to find a really cheap dead original model just to practice delidding before I risk killing my (as of now) perfectly working system.
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  4. The thing is for me like I told Eric previously is I never gave the 360 a real chance since I was super paranoid about spending $300.00 on a new system which was known to have such a high failure rate. My friend gave me his 360 S unit which was only the console so after sourcing a PSU, and a not beat to shit controller, I decided to go all in.

    I got a 500GB HD for the system for only 46 bucks and then started the process of looking into games for this system that are worth buying.

    I'll tell you guys that I'm glad I did.

    I've found so many great games I've wanted to play and have been starting to work on that so much that I've straight up ignored my PS5 for all the wonderful titles this system has to offer. One of my other friends gave me shit for starting with Ridge Racer 6 but I admit I'm loving the shit out of this arcade style racer. I've been kicking ass and taking names on this and it's been a blast of a game. I wanted to play with Eric on this online but sadly he doesn't own a copy.

    I just got in a copy of Blue Dragon which a lot of people have told me is a wonderful RPG to have. The best part honestly tho for all of this is how the retro market hasn't fucked the 360 in the least yet in pricing. Sure there are overpriced games but they are very few and far between which is fine since most of them outside of Raiden IV are mostly all shitty sports games. Literally a huge chuck of 360 games I've found have been around 5 to 30 bucks at most with a few games hitting the 40 dollar mark.

    I'd love to hear some of what you guys enjoyed on this system because it's pretty badass so I'm sure I've missing some titles I've never tried before. Zone of Enders being one of them since Eric mentioned it on this thread.
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  5. I haven't taken my Xbox 360 online in a long time. The only reason I can still play it online, is because I have Game Pass Ultimate for PC. It was my main gaming console until about 2009, when the PS3 just started kicking all kinds of ass. I know Xbox Live is mostly Peer to Peer, but how many games are actually still online? You might want to start a thread for the 360. Maybe call it Xbox 360 for a newb? Tracking down a headset would be a must for online, if you want to play with friends.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Timber View Post
    Yeah the holes in the bottom may be overkill, not sure if I'd even try that. I really want to find a really cheap dead original model just to practice delidding before I risk killing my (as of now) perfectly working system.
    I've been goofing around with this old PS3 for quite some time. I repaired the BR drive, by buying a broken unit off of Ebay and scrapping the parts for this one's drive. I'd also replaced the thermal paste above the CPU and GPU lid, not having any idea that there was a cheap TIM underneath. The system didn't like my thermal paste job and it quickly heated up. I'm going to try a delid on it and if it's successful, I'll do it on my nice 60 GB PS3. I do know one thing though. I will not play Gran Turismo 6 on my fat PS3 until I've refurbished the thermal paste. It starts getting really hot and I'll see the graphics having artifacts from it. I have to play that game on my PS3 slim.

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  7. Great job on the 360. I have a couple of backwards compatible PS3 that need some fixing, but I am too busy/lazy and clumsy to do anything about it.


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