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Thread: PlayStation showcase September 2021

  1. PlayStation showcase September 2021

    There's not a lot to be excited about. I'm looking forward to Gran Turismo 7 (PS4 owners got crap for the series) and I'm really interested in when this Knights of the Old Republic remake is coming out. Is the KOTOR remake going to be exclusive to the PS5?

  2. Nice! I'll play all these games years from now when I can actually get a PS5!

  3. I'mdown for a KOTOR remake. Probably gonna play it on PC since finding consoles is still annoying, esp a PS5. Other than that, there were not many concrete dates to mark and not too many games I'm really interested in save God of War, which I will love!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    Nice! I'll play all these games years from now when I can actually get a PS5!
    I really do feel like it's almost tasteless to keep cramming content advertising down people's throats when 10 months into the consoles lifespan people can't find them. I know game creation and advertising isn't tied to console production, but man, it's just a dick move.

    That being said, I'll play KOTOR, GoW, Spider-Man and Waolverine for damn sure.

  5. So you expect Sony to stop showing new games because of supply chain issues and scalper/bots buying up any available inventory?

  6. Expect? No. Should they really stop? Also no.

    Is it kind of salt in the wound for people at this point? Yeah.

  7. Eh, I usually wait a year, before buying a console. The exceptions were the N64, GameCube, PlayStation, Saturn and Dreamcast. I can wait out on the PS5.

  8. There is no must play on any the latest gen systems, the longer you wait, the better and cheaper the library will be when you do buy it.


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