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Thread: Latest PS4 update bricking consoles.

  1. Latest PS4 update bricking consoles.

    I didn't see this until after I had completed the update. Lucky me, mine didn't brick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Comicbook
    A new PS4 update was released yesterday with a few new -- and big -- features. Dubbed 9.0, the new system software update was primarily focused on Trophies, Remote Play, and Parental Controls, and at first, its rollout seem to have gone smoothly. However, since then, PS4 users have begun to report issues with the update and the various error screens they are getting, such as "Error SU-42118-6." It's unclear what's triggering these issues, and right now, while varied, they don't see prevalent, so the update should be safe to download, but if you want to be extra careful, it may be wise to hold off on downloading the update until more information surfaces. Of course, if you do this, you won't be able to access certain functions, like the ability to play games online, but you can avoid the issues players have been reporting over on the PS4 Reddit page.

    According to various reports, the update is causing a myriad of issues, with the most severe issues leading to the console crashing or in other words, rendering it ineffective at best. In fact, some are even reporting that the update has completely bricked their console, which is rare, but we've seen it happen with not just dodgy updates, but because of buggy games. Below, you can check out a list of commonly reported issues.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. My PS4 will stay safely turned off.... As it has been for months.


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